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If you have a project - we'll find the right match!

Have a project idea you’d like to bring to life? Our students want to work with you! Projects vary from mini-projects of a few weeks to research theses lasting up to two years. Want to benefit from our students and facilities? See if project sponsorship is right for you!

Put Our Students to Work for You

Rose-Hulman is seeking community partnerships that will unleash the energy and talents of Rose students as they tackle creative and worthwhile projects.

We're looking to partner with companies, not-for-profits, schools, churches or even individuals on projects that will (1) benefit your organization, (2) utilize our students' problem-solving skills, and (3) advance our mission to be the world's best STEM college.

Get in touch and discover why Rose-Hulman project sponsorship is a win-win! 

The ownership of intellectual property created as part of a senior design project is addressed in a written agreement that is executed between Rose-Hulman and the project sponsor at the start of the project.  Typically, a standard clause within that agreement indicates that the sponsor will have sole ownership and licensing rights of the intellectual property developed by Rose-Hulman as part of the project while allowing Rose-Hulman to retain the right to use the intellectual property for educational, scientific, and research purposes.

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Capstone and Senior Design Projects

Rose-Hulman is always looking for potential projects for students. Most programs have a comprehensive capstone design course where a team of students works on an open-ended project. Project types range from mini-projects of one or two weeks to year-long senior design projects. We are seeking new partners willing to sponsor projects at Rose!
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Service-oriented Projects

Our students are very interested and motivated to work on projects that serve the community, organizations and even individuals. We heartily welcome your project ideas from groups or individuals with limited potential to fund a project (such as a not-for-profit, school, church, government agency, etc). Please submit your idea and we'll work with you to determine how it can be funded.
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Thesis and Research Projects

Dedicated faculty routinely perform research in all disciplines we teach. Several of our departments require theses for seniors and graduate-level students. These partnerships offer a great opportunity to conduct important research and analysis under the mentorship of a faculty member. If you have a project that would benefit from top-level research work, let us know! 
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Course-based projects

All departments and majors at Rose-Hulman welcome the chance to work on a variety of projects. Project types range from mini-projects of one or two weeks to multi-year projects. In addition, testing and analysis often complement our students' coursework. Our faculty welcome short-term projects to use within their courses. Examples include independent projects with faculty and activities within the Engineering Design program. If you have a project idea, let us know!
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Game-Changing Project? Try Ventures

Not all company projects fit a student-focused model. For professional projects including prototyping, software app development, and new product development, Rose-Hulman Ventures may be the ticket. For 20 years, Ventures has been helping companies launch new products utilizing paid student interns, professional project managers and an elite staff of problem-solvers. And we don't lay any claim to your intellectual property. Please check out Rose-Hulman Ventures if this sounds like the right approach for you.
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