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Capstone and Senior Design Projects

Does your company have a backburner project it would love to try but has always seemed just beyond the reach of your time and resources? It could be a perfect opportunity to partner with our students for a senior capstone or research project.

Tap into our Talent

Creative and energetic students want to solve your authentic problems. Project proposals can be submitted at any time. Most design programs have an annual cycle that starts with the academic year, near the end of August. Projects received before the first day of classes will be included in the upcoming academic year. Those submitted after will be considered, but their use may be delayed. While the majority of projects start at the beginning of the academic year, we do have some capstone sequences that begin in December and March.

We hope you can identify a project and support our program!

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Benefits to Your Company

  • Explore backburner projects at low cost, low risk
  • Develop a potential pipeline of future employees
  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Work with creative, energetic students
  • Access to RHIT resources, such as labs, clean rooms, 3D printers, electron microscope, plasma cutter, PCB milling machines, etc.
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Your company should provide:

  • A project liaison to give timely feedback
  • Projects may require financial support to cover items such as materials, prototypes, travel expense, equipment use, and administrative costs
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Our students will:

  • Devote 6-12 hours per week to your project, depending on credit hours awarded
  • Provide frequent project updates
  • Share their results in a formal paper, prototype or presentation
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What makes a good project?

  • Suitable for an entry-level engineer
  • Realistic outcome possible
  • Allows for creativity and problem solving
  • Allows independent work while encouraging interaction
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Projects should avoid:

  • Requiring equipment not easily accessible
  • Involving excessive proprietary or trade secret material
  • Potentially impacting the well-being of your company
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