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Rose‑Hulman offers more than you imagined as a prospective student. When you enroll at Rose, a world of possibilities opens.


What makes Rose-Hulman unique? Students will tell you it’s the hands-on work that happens inside labs to classrooms. The small class size that allows individuals to forge relationships with each other. The professors who know each and every student and create dynamic learning environments. It’s the students who are constantly learning and exploring the unknown, and their willingness to share and inspire each other. It’s curiosity, creativity and entrepreneurialism that, combined, leads to world-changing endeavors.

In this series of videos, Rose students explain why, together, we are Rose-Hulman!   

Academics at Rose: What Sets Rose-Hulman Apart

What sets Rose-Hulman academics apart? Professors who are dedicated to collaboration, create a safe place to learn and love teaching. Rose’s small class size gives students the opportunity to know their professors and form relationships that last throughout their college careers and at Rose, students are advised 100 percent by faculty. Learn how Rose professors ensure students have what they need to succeed as scientists and engineers.

Curiosity at Rose: What Will You Create?

At Rose-Hulman, the kind of brain that thrives is a curious mind. And Rose faculty and students are curious! Whether it’s in classrooms or hands-on labs, students are constantly learning and exploring the unknown. What will you create? Learn why curiosity is such an important part of the academic endeavors at Rose.

The Student Experience at Rose-Hulman

What drives Rose-Hulman students? The idea that if you can think it and dream it, then you can make it! At Rose, it’s the hands-on work where students feel they learn the most. From creating a self-sustaining greenhouse to researching coffee and chocolate in a food lab, to designing a prosthetic hand that cuts a slice of pizza, Rose students are innovators. And while this trail-blazing work takes place, students are growing their relationships with each other. Together, they are world changing. Learn why Rose students love what they do.

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