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We offer you a variety of ways to connect with our students, from our on-campus Career Fairs and interview opportunities to our partnership program. Learn more below.

Finding the Right Fit

We know employers are looking for the best and brightest—and at Rose-Hulman, they’ve come to the right place. We work hard to develop and maintain relationships within business and industry, giving our students opportunities to work for top companies.

That’s why we're ranked high in the nation by Forbes, Princeton Review, Brookings Institution and many others for assisting students in gaining post-graduate employment, co-ops and summer internships.

Learn about recruiting at Rose-Hulman, customized recruiting events and more below. Or, go directly to Handshake to post job openings at your company. Know of a company that we're not yet connected with? Give us a contact referral and we'll reach out to them.

Hundreds of companies flock to Rose-Hulman each year hoping to snag STEM students for employment opportunities. Get a peek inside our one of our trio of annual career fairs, and learn why these events are so popular with recruiters and students.

Employer FAQ: Career Fair

What are the main differences between the Fall, Winter and Spring Career Fairs?

The Fall Career Fair in October is our main recruiting event. The majority of our students from all years andmajors will be in attendance, and it is your best opportunity to be seen. This event also uses a boothing company to provide a more formal feeling. The Winter and Spring Fairs are smaller events that use an open concept rather than vendor booths but are still excellent opportunities to network with students. All three events are perfect opportunities to recruit for full-time, intern and co-op candidates.

I am with a graduate school. Can we attend one of the Career Fairs?

Graduate schools are more than welcome to attend our regular Career Fairs, but we also encourage you to consider attending our Graduate School Fair held each September for maximum exposure.

I submitted my registration for one of your events but have not gotten a confirmation. Should I resubmit my information?

Please allow 1-2 weeks for processing of any registration form on our site. You should get an acknowledgement e-mail within 1-2 days, but a full confirmation packet may take a little longer to complete.

What method of payment do you accept for Career Fair fees?

We accept checks and the following credit cards through Handshake: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and Discover. NOTE: Credit card payments incur a 2.75 percent processing fee. Checks should be made payable to "RHIT Career Services," and mailed to 5500 Wabash Ave., CM 15, Terre Haute, IN 47803. Instructions will be on your invoice.

If I leave packages behind for shipping after one of your events, when will they be sent back?

Packages left after an event should go out in the next day's mail, with the exception of the Fall Career Fair, which make take up to three days for all packages to be sent.

I need to cancel my attendance at one of your Career Fairs. How do I do this?

Please contact Dawn Miller by e-mail or phone 812-877-8212 and notify her at least one week prior to the event. If your event had a fee associated with it, you will get a refund, excluding credit card processing fees, if you cancel one week prior to the event. If you paid but do not cancel one week prior to the event or do not show for the event, you will be unable to get a refund.

Are third-party recruiters allowed to attend your Career Fairs?

Generally, no. We restrict attendance at our Career Fairs to companies doing their own hiring; however, we are more than happy to work directly with third-party recruiters to assist them with job postings and other methods of recruiting talent for their open positions.

Learn More About Our Career Fairs Learn More About Our Grad School Fair

Employer FAQ: Internships & Co-ops

What do I need to do to start a co-op program?

We have a very flexible co-op program, so your best bet is to contact our co-op coordinator to discuss your needs. We operate on a quarter system, and we can set up a variety of options for you. For more information, contact Career Services or visit the co-op section of our website.


What are your requirements for a summer internship program?

Unlike co-op, which has a few official forms that need to be filled out, we do not require special paperwork or evaluation forms for students or companies, unless they participate in our EIP and BE information programs. Students need to be given career-related work that is substantial, receive mentoring and be provided with adequate compensation for their work.

Learn More About Internships & Co-ops

Employer FAQ: Information Sessions

Do you charge to conduct information sessions on campus?

No, we do not charge for information sessions. The only potential charge would be if you choose to cater food for your event.

When are the best times to have information sessions?

Our students have a very busy schedule during the day, so information sessions are best held after 5 p.m.

Can we have food at our sessions?

Yes. If your information session is held in the Mussallem Union, you are not allowed to order in/bring in outside food, but you can order food from our catering office. You can see catering options here. Information sessions in other buildings can order in outside food.

How many students usually attend info sessions?

Attendance varies by day of the week and time of the year. Information sessions held earlier in the year often have better attendance simply because more students are still looking for work, but the average attendance is 10-15 students.

What are the information session rooms like?

We have a variety of rooms available in a number of buildings. We try to hold most sessions in our student union building. The largest room can hold upwards of 100 students, but most rooms that we use hold 25-40 students depending on the set-up.

Can we show a PowerPoint presentation or video during our session?

Yes. Just let us know your AV needs and we will get that equipment ordered when we reserve your room.

Can we give a classroom presentation instead of a traditional information session?

Due to our rigorous academic schedule, classroom presentations are not offered as a recruiting event.

Employer FAQ: Interviews

Do you charge for on-campus interviews?


Will my interview room be private?

In most situations, yes. There are times in the year, such as the day after a Career Fair, when we have to coordinate interviews in a conference-style set-up, but you still have adequate space to have good conversations with students. When possible we house all interviews within our offices, but we do sometimes use rooms outside of our offices or in other buildings.

Can you set up phone interviews for me?

Yes, we can coordinate a schedule of phone interviews just like a regular on-campus day and will have a private room available for students to take the call in.

Do you have videoconferencing available for interviews?

Yes, we have videoconferencing available with the preferred method through Microsoft Teams.

Can you facilitate candidate testing for us?

In most cases, yes. If you provide materials, instructions and criteria, we are usually able to proctor all exams. The only issue would be if we were having a heavy interview day, in which case our space for testing might be restricted.

Employer FAQ: Employer Offer Guidelines

Are there guidelines for employers when making offers to Rose-Hulman students?

The Office of Career Services & Employer Relations at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology abides by the principles and guidelines set by the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE) for Ethical & Professional Practice:


View our employer offer guidelines Go to Career Link

Employer FAQ: Job Postings

What job posting system to you use?

We use Handshake for our current students and alumni. If you are interested in linking to Rose-Hulman, you may do so through the Handshake site

Is there a fee to post a job to your students?

No. If you request to link to our school you can post your own jobs at no charge, or you can send your job description to one of us and we can post it for you.

Can I post my own job or do I need to go through your office?

If you request to link to our school through Handshake, you are able to post your own jobs. We review every posting and do make corrections to postings on occasion.

What information should I include with my job posting?

Depending on whether you are posting your job to our current students or our alumni, we may need different information. Generally, we need a description of the job and basic criteria.

Does your school have resume books?

No, but employers can reach out directly to the Office of Career Services & Employer Relations to request targeted resume bundles for current students.

Learn More About Alumni Job Posting Go to Career Link

Employer FAQ: General

Do you have average starting salaries for graduating seniors?

Yes. You can find that using the Recruitment Statistics link below. If you ever need more up-to-date salary information, just let us know!

Can you provide placement statistics?

Yes. You can find that using the Recruitment Statistics link below.

How are your statistics collected?

Our statistics are collected from a variety of areas. Salary reports are all self-reported from students, so we always indicate how many offers are included in an average. For our senior placement number, we track the entire graduating class on a personal level to have a total snapshot of their availability.

Where can I find a list of student organizations?

Visit the student organization page.

How many students are in each major?

We provide periodic updates on enrollment by major on the bottom of our Recruitment Statistics page.


Do you allow sponsorship of events in your office?

We have some limited sponsorship opportunities. You can become a Career Services Partner with a yearly gift, and once a year we offer sponsorship of our Performing Arts Series as well. Contact us for more information.

Learn About Sponsorships View Recruitment Statistics

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