Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts

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We help students become creative, sophisticated thinkers, active citizens, and effective leaders in the global community. In doing so, we provide learning experiences that, in addition to their intrinsic value, enrich a scientific and technical education.

Broaden your horizon

The humanities, social sciences, and arts give you the tools to think critically and creatively about culture and society. The humanities include disciplines such as art and music, languages and literature, communication, history, religion, and philosophy. The social sciences include disciplines such as anthropology, economics, geography, political science, psychology, and sociology. Arts at Rose-Hulman include music and theatre as well as visual art.

We offer a second major in international studies.

By delving into the humanities, social sciences and the arts, you'll have a broader view of the world around you as you better understand global, social, and ethical contexts and traditions.

Check out this cool HSSA class project:

From our grads:

“In my job right now, I communicate with people on a daily basis, and I have to explain very complicated ideas to people who sometimes don't have technical backgrounds at all.” - Adam Esch, Computer Engineering, Minor in Language & Literature, 2012

“The humanities and social sciences are all about critical thinking; they’re about looking at things from an analytical perspective. Having a background in economics gives you the global view of how things work on a grand scale.” - Caleb Eiler, Economics and Applied Mathematics, 2013
“My double major in math and economics from Rose-Hulman gave me the perfect balance of technical knowledge and critical thinking skills necessary to perform my job.” - Nicole Burton, Mathematics and Economics, 2011

Majors, Minors & Certificates

International Studies

The International Studies second major will add a global dimension to your engineering, science, or math degree. In an increasingly international marketplace, International Studies enriches your perspective, making you a more valued member of any organization.

Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts Minors

We offer a wide variety of great minors to supplement your STEM degree.


East Asian Studies


European Studies



Language and Literature

Latin American Studies

Modern Languages -- German, Japanese, Spanish


Political Science


Religious Studies


Department News

Learn about the latest happenings, recent research, and more in Humanities and Social Sciences at Rose-Hulman.
Humanities, Social Sciences & the Arts
John Rickert and David Chapman

Math and Music Courses Provide a Symphony of Learning

Humanities, Social Sciences & the Arts
Drs. Eric Reyes and Jessica Livingston

Interdisciplinary Course Bridges Data Science and Storytelling

Humanities, Social Sciences & the Arts

Japanese Language and Society Courses Enhance the STEM Degree

Rich House

Richard House

Dr. Rich House, head of the Department of Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts, teaches English, with expertise in the areas of contemporary American literature, literary theory, and communication for engineers and scientists. He co-wrote The Engineering Communication Manual to help engineering students develop their technical communication skills and is one of the founders of Rose-Hulman's Home for Environmentally Responsible Engineering (HERE) program, a living-learning community for first-year students interested in sustainability and humanitarian engineering.
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