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Chemistry & Biochemistry

Our courses and undergraduate research focus on how chemistry and biochemistry can be used to find solutions to problems relating to energy, the environment, materials, and renewability of resources. You’ll use state-of-the-art instrumentation as early as your freshman year and work alongside peers from many different technical disciplines.

Majors & Minors

We offer multiple options for an entering freshman that provide a solid foundation in chemistry and exposure to many disciplines. You can major or minor in chemistry, or major in biochemistry. Additionally, chemistry majors can select biochemistry-molecular biology as a second degree.

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A biochemistry degree is excellent preparation for medical school and related fields, and also for careers in business, law or education.

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A chemistry degree is excellent preparation for medical school and related fields, or careers in business, law, forensics, or education.

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Biochemistry & Molecular Biology

The Rose-Hulman biochemistry & molecular biology program is available to students as a second major and is meant to augment other majors.

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Why Science at Rose-Hulman?

Because here, you'll do real research driven by your interests with awesome professors.

Facilities & Resources

You’ll have plenty of opportunities to work in our recently renovated facilities, including a modern biochemistry research-teaching lab, three research labs, fully equipped organic and freshman labs, and an instrument facility.

Female student wearing latex gloves mixes liquids in a laboratory.


In the lab, you’ll use equipment such as our Varian Gemini 300 MHz and Anasazi 90MHz Nuclear Magnetic Resonance devices, a Shimadzu GC-2010 Gas Chromatograph-Mass Spectrometer, and High Performance Liquid Chromatography.

Male student observes solution in a test tube.


Our fully equipped labs andcomplete stockroom staffed by full-time technicians will give you hands-on experience and undergraduate research opportunities.

Department News

Learn about the latest happenings, recent research, and more in chemistry and biochemistry at Rose-Hulman.


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Careers in Chemistry & Biochemistry

Because chemistry touches every aspect of human life, your career opportunities are limited only by your imagination. From academia, research, and medicine to consumer goods, government, analytical laboratories, museums, and software publishers.

Male student wearing latex gloves examines specimen.


Biochemists use knowledge of chemistry to find solutions to biological problems, tackling some of the world’s most pressing challenges and enhancing quality of life. Some biochemists work in a clinical setting to help diagnose diseases, while others may focus on forensics or research.

Male student uses dropper to add liquid to test tube.

Product Development Scientist

Product development scientists work in many different industries, ensuring their organizationmeets government regulations for safety and quality, or developing and enhancing products to meet customer demands. They may find themselves developing new flavors of their favorite food products or helping ensure the safety of cosmetics.

Female student prepares DNA samples for testing.

Cancer Researcher

Every day, researchers are using chemistry to unlock new clues in the search for a cure, and reaching discoveries that enable better treatment options and allow patients to live longer.Cancer researchers may use genomics to determine patient risk, or develop immunotherapy methods that allow patients’ own immune systems to fight the disease.

Dr. Michael Mueller speaking with a student in a hallway.

Dr. Michael R. Mueller, Physical Chemistry

Dr. Mueller’s current research focuses on combustion chemistry on biofuels in terms of corrosive issues, lubricity, and emissions; and a computational research project that combines reactant and intermediate structure to calculate rate constants for organic reactions.

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