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Rules & Procedures - Summer Completion

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Summer Completion

A senior who, at the end of spring term, will be only a few courses short of completing graduation requirements and who can reasonably expect to fulfill those requirements over the summer will be listed in the Commencement Program as a "Summer Completion," that is, the student will graduate in August.

  1. A graduating senior for whom a grade in a required course is not submitted before the stipulated deadline will become a "Summer Completion." For more information see Graduation Requirements.
  2. A student who completes requirements for graduation prior to the first day of classes of the fall term at Rose-Hulman will be granted an August degree. Thereafter, the degree will be dated as of the end of the term in which the requirements were completed.


  1. No more than 12 credit hours in total may be transferred after the last term in residence. These credits must be given prior approval by the Head of the student's major department and by the Head of the department in which those credits apply.
  2. No more than eight credit hours in named, required courses of the student's major may be transferred after the last term in residence. These credits must have prior approval of the Head of the student's major department. The Department Head shall have the responsibility of determining the acceptability of courses taken at other institutions.
  3. All the limitations under Transfer Credit apply.
  4. A student desiring exception to any of the above provisions must submit a written petition to the Admissions and Standing Committee who will, in turn, submit it, along with the Committee's recommendation for approval or disapproval, to the entire Faculty for its vote.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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