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Rules & Procedures - Graduation Requirements

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.

Graduation Requirements

To become a candidate for graduation with the Degree of Bachelor of Science in one of the published curricula, a student must fulfill all the requirements below. The final responsibility for seeing that all graduation requirements are met belongs to the student.

Academic requirements

The student must have completed all of the required work of the course of study and have accumulated the total number of credits as specified in the Bulletin. Changes in published curricula are made only with the approval of the Curriculum Committee, and in some cases only with the approval of the entire Faculty. See also Course Substitution.

Petitions for exception

Any student requesting an exception to graduation requirements must petition the Curriculum Committee no later than 60 calendar days before the end of the term in which graduation is expected. If the petition is submitted after this deadline, the student will not be able to graduate until the end of the following term at the earliest. (In the case of a student scheduled for graduation in spring term, this would mean graduation in August at the earliest.) No petition for exception may be brought to the entire Faculty until the Curriculum Committee has made its recommendation.


Any senior who has a required course for graduation for which no final grade has been submitted to the Registrar by 9 a.m. Monday following the last day of classes will be classified as Summer Completion.

GPA requirement

The student must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.000. If not, the student may be permitted to enroll for additional courses to remove this deficiency. The overload policy applies. For more information, see

GPA in major

The student must have a cumulative GPA in major of at least 2.000. The courses which are used to compute the GPA in major are determined by each academic department.

Residence requirement

The minimum residence requirement shall be two years with all required courses of the senior year to be taken at Rose-Hulman. Residence is defined as enrollment as a full-time student. See definition of Part-Time Student.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Office of the Registrar.

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