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Graduate Studies - Financial Aid

Tuition grants, loans, and graduate/research assistantships can help you cover the costs of graduate study. Here are our basic guidelines for helping you afford graduate school at Rose‑Hulman. The information stated below is subject to change without notice. Individuals should not rely solely on this information and should confirm the accuracy of the current financial offerings with the Graduate Studies Office before making final decisions.

Graduate Study Financial Aid

We offer four types of financial aid for graduate students: Tuition Discounts, Graduate Assistantships, Tuition Waivers, and Loans. Financial aid for your graduate classes is not available if you are working simultaneously on your undergraduate degree and your graduate program. (You may still receive financial aid for your undergraduate classes.) However, once you complete your undergraduate program, you may apply for graduate financial aid.

Tuition Discounts

We initially award tuition discounts to first-term students (not on probation) at the highest discount level: 50 percent. As long as you are making satisfactory progress toward your graduate degree with a cumulative graduate GPA of 3.5 or greater, your tuition discount will remain in effect at the maximum level for full five quarters.

If your cumulative graduate GPA falls below 3.5, your tuition discount will be adjusted according to the discount rate schedule in Table 1.

Table 1. Tuition Discount rate based on graduate GPA

Cumulative graduate GPA

Discount Rate

≥ 3.5


≥ 3.25 and < 3.5


≥ 3.0 and < 3.25


< 3.0

No Tuition Discount

If you were admitted on academic probation, you may apply for a graduate tuition discount after completing 12 credit hours of graduate-level study with at least a 3.0 GPA. Your discount rate will be determined based on the schedule shown in Table 1.

Full-time graduate students requiring a sixth quarter tuition discount must submit a request to the Associate Dean of the Lifelong Learning by the end of week one during your fifth quarter.

In addition to tuition discounts, students who show strong academic and research potential will be considered for a graduate assistantship and/or Tuition Waiver.  These awards are limited and awarded to the most promising students.  Well-qualified students may request to be considered for either or both awards.

Graduate Assistantships

Rose-Hulman awards graduate assistantships to select, full-time students for a maximum of three quarters.  The Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning in conjunction with the Graduate Studies Committee will review and evaluate all candidates and make a decision based on available resources.  Graduate assistantships are valued at $3,000 per quarter with bi-weekly disbursements.

Students awarded graduate assistantships will receive those assistantships for three quarters subject to maintaining a graduate cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, making suitable progress on their project/thesis, and satisfactorily fulfilling the duties of their GA assignment. In addition, under specific circumstances and with the recommendation of their project/thesis advisor and approval of their program department head, a graduate student may request an extension of the graduate assistantship on a quarterly basis for a maximum of three additional quarters. Graduate assistantship extensions will be subject to the availability of financial coverage and graduate studies committee (GSC) approval. Graduate assistantships are awarded for an entire quarter, and no student should request an assistantship if she/he is not available for the entire quarter.

Graduate assistants perform duties as assigned by their departments. This requires 15 hours of service per week. Graduate academic work, together with an assistantship, requires a full-time effort. As 12 credit hours per quarter is a full-time load for a graduate assistant, students receiving graduate assistantships should not accept additional outside employment, unless pre-approved by the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning.

Tuition Waivers

The highest recognition of student academic achievement and graduate studies potential is communicated via a Tuition Waiver (TW). Students with an excellent undergraduate academic record and outstanding potential for graduate-level academics/research are eligible for a Tuition Waiver. Students selected for a Tuition Waiver will have their tuition fees waived for each quarter of the academic timeframe outlined in their award letter. In addition, recipients of a TW must maintain a graduate cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better while making suitable progress toward their degree.

Tuition Waiver recipients are not required to work but may seek on-campus work opportunities requiring 15 hours or less per week. Like a graduate assistantship, the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning in conjunction with the Graduate Studies Committee will review and evaluate all candidates and decide based on available resources.

All tuition discounts, graduate assistantship, and Tuition Waivers will be evaluated quarterly.

Tuition Discount, Graduate Assistantship, and Tuition Waiver Eligibility Deadlines



Applicant Deadlines





February 1

February 1


July 1

April 1


October 1

August 1


January 15

November 1


Student loans are available in the form of unsubsidized Stafford, Graduate PLUS, or private loans and are administered by the Office of Financial Aid. Contact Financial Aid at 812-877-8672 or finaid@rose-hulman.edu for more information.

Student Employment

We normally reserve on-campus employment opportunities for undergraduate students who hold Federal Work Study and Rose-Hulman Work Opportunity awards. However, graduate students without a funding source such as a graduate assistantship are welcome to inquire about any open positions that may be of interest to them.  Inquiries should be made to the Human Resources Department.

Exterior view of Myers Hall

John T. Myers Center for Technological Research with Industry

This 40,000-square-foot facility is devoted to student and faculty project work. The center provides space and specialized instrumentation for students and faculty to engage in engineering design projects for external clients. There is ample laboratory space for project-based education.

Female student wearing goggles works with apparatus

JRSI Laboratory

In this lab, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with surgeons, faculty and engineers to design, execute and present scientific investigations in an effort to develop engineering solutions to clinical problems. Mechanical testing in the lab is conducted utilizing a state-of-the-art biaxial materials testing machine.

Group of students talk while sitting at their desks with computers

Rose-Hulman Ventures

Rose-Hulman Ventures is a program that brings together students and technology-based companies. For students, the program provides the best engineering professional practice experience possible. In turn, this provides businesses with prototypes, refinements to the design of existing products and expansion in current engineering capabilities. The facility is on the south campus of Rose-Hulman.

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing is the Director of Graduate Studies, Interim Dean of Lifelong Learning, and Head of the Department of Engineering Management. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics and statistics, manufacturing systems and workforce education and development.
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