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Student Counseling Center

Our professional counselors are here to help you ensure you get the most from your college career.

Welcome to the Student Counseling Center

The Student Counseling Center provides short-term mental health counseling to help enrolled students identify barriers to success, build personal awareness, and develop life skills so they might fully engage in and benefit from the world’s best undergraduate education in engineering, mathematics, and science.

Clinical staff are available for therapy by appointment only. The scope of care encompasses mild to moderate symptoms and issues which can be addressed in 6 sessions or less. The SCC recognizes that sometimes student needs are beyond the scope of our practice. Concerns that are best addressed through a referral to an off-campus provider include: (1) acute, severe, or chronic mental health concerns needing inpatient treatment and/or more than 6 sessions; (2) chronic suicidality, recent and/or multiple suicide attempts and/or chronic self-injury; (3) active symptoms of psychosis.

Accessing Care During COVID-19

Walk-in services are suspended for the duration of the pandemic. All services are by appointment only. Students can access non-emergent care by calling the main SCC number (812-877-8537) or by emailing us at Staff will respond to messages on Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM when we are not in session with other students. If immediate care is needed after-hours and/or during the day when clinicians are in session, please call Rose-Hulman Public Safety at 812-877-8590 or the Res-Life On Call at 812-877-8999.

Tele-Mental Health Services

For students who desire virtual services either while on campus or during breaks, SCC clinicians are currently able to provide Tele-mental health services. A Tele-mental health consent must be signed by the client prior to beginning remote therapy. Permission to continue this practice is granted in 30 day increments by Governor Holcomb under Executive Order 20-05. For students who are located outside of Indiana during the time of the session, SCC clinicians must first apply for temporary licensure in that state and receive approval before beginning services. Each state has different rules and provisions for temporary licensure status during COVID. In the event that Tele-mental health services are not able to be provided in a certain state and/or a student prefers in-person services, SCC clinicians can assist the student with finding a local therapist.

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Our services are completely confidential except in cases where notification of others is required by law in cases of abuse of neglect of a child, elderly person, or disabled person clear and imminent danger to yourself or others where notification is required by law or court order.

Our Diversity Statement:

We strive to be supportive and address the concerns of all of our students, including international students, racial and ethnic minority students, students of all sexual orientations and gender identities, students of all religious backgrounds, and students with disabilities.

Other Student Services

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Health Services

Our Health Services staff provides medical care free-of-charge to all of our registered students. We want to help you perform at your best!

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Learning Center

Your academic success is our goal, too. The Learning Center offers more than 40 peer tutors, individual and small-group tutoring and study sessions, final exam reviews, quiet study areas, and more. And it's all free.

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Accessibility Services

We are committed to working with students who have special needs or disabilities. Such students may be eligible to receive accommodations that provide equal access to the living and learning environment, and college activities. 

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