A Rosy Investment Outlook

Paying for college is an investment in your future. At Rose-Hulman, that investment may be less than you think and the outcome greater than you anticipate.

  • 100%
    of students receive financial aid, scholarships, and grants
  • 98%
    of students placed within six months of graduation
  • $73,000
    average starting salary for graduates

We’re providing an easy-to-use guide to see the amount of gift aid Rose-Hulman first-year students are receiving in the 2019-20 academic year based upon academic profile and family resources.

Questions about the guide? Email us at admissions@rose-hulman.edu or call us at 800-248-7448.

Step one of five:

Is your GPA weighted or unweighted?

Does your transcript include your class rank?

Do you wish to include your SAT/ACT test scores (optional)?

Select which test scores you wish to enter:

Enter either your highest SAT Math or ACT Math score and either your highest SAT Verbal or ACT English score.

SAT math:
ACT math:
SAT verbal:
ACT English:

Do you have any commitments outside of the classroom (hours per week)?

Employment and volunteer hours:
Extracurricular hours:
Family commitment hours: (e.g. providing childcare for siblings, etc.)

Annual income:

Select your income range to find the gift assistance that Rose-Hulman is administering to first-year students in the 2019-20 academic year. The gift assistance shown includes institutional merit scholarships and need-based aid as well as federal and state grants. Provided is the median and middle 50% range.

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