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In 1819, a young Chauncey Rose started his first business – a sawmill serving settlers in the wilds of western Indiana. Fifty years, and many successful ventures later, Rose laid the foundation for the first private engineering college west of the Alleghenies.

Like all skilled entrepreneurs, Rose had a knack for seeing a need and filling it--including the needs of the less fortunate. In Terre Haute alone, Rose endowed an orphanage, a charity hospital and a ladies’ aid society, and founded The Terre Haute School of Industrial Science (later renamed Rose Polytechnic in his honor), making him one of the most generous philanthropists of his day.

The Sawmill Society gives Rose-Hulman entrepreneurs a forum for sharing insights, experience and inspiration with each other, while keeping the Rose spirit of giving alive.

Chris Piedmonte, EE 1985
Managing Director, NeoTerra Capital

Entrepreneurial discovery, invention and commercialization have been the cornerstone of American leadership in technology for the last century.  Rose-Hulman must promote and foster these entrepreneurial qualities if we wish to maintain our continued leadership and preserve our country’s legacy and future.

If you’re a founder, or hold equity in a privately held company, you can join the Sawmill Society by making a non-binding pledge to Rose-Hulman. When the equity grows, you decide how much, when and where your gift goes to support the institute.

Until then, enjoy networking with other entrepreneurial alumni, students, faculty and staff as we work together to cultivate the spirit of innovation on and off campus. Members share a passion for business and philanthropy that encourages all participants to continue to create while celebrating the important role you play in the success of Rose-Hulman.

Make your pledge to support the institute in the future. Join the Sawmill Society.

To learn more, visit our FAQ or contact Christian Shuck at (812) 877-8775 or shuck1@rose-hulman.edu.

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Tim Sublette, CS 1995
Chief Technology Officer, Bolstra

I’m excited we have the Sawmill Society where Rose-Hulman entrepreneurs can learn from each other, share our experiences with up-and-coming entrepreneurs and give back to Rose.

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