Design Projects Needed for First-Year Civil Engineering Students

Monday, January 21, 2019
Civil engineering students collecting information in a waterway

First-year civil engineering students will spend the spring academic quarter completing a variety of projects that will assist local citizens and community groups.

It might be the heart of winter, but first-year civil engineering students are already gearing up to work on design projects this spring. Traditionally, these projects are sponsored by local citizens and community groups.

As first-year students, they have limited engineering skills, but always show enthusiasm and creativity, and provide a genuine service to the community, according to professor Michael Robinson.

Typical projects include parking lot layouts, solutions for drainage and traffic problems, simple waste treatment problems, floor plans for small buildings, and designs for athletic fields, playgrounds and park projects. Each project is completed by the students within nine weeks, beginning March 4.

Persons or organizations with project ideas should contact Robinson at 812-877-8286 or by Feb. 21.