Alumnus Chad Elmore First Recipient of European Science Honor

Tuesday, October 22, 2019
Chad Elmore

Veteran scientist Chad Elmore has contributed to the development of synthetic methods and application of isotopes. The chemistry alumnus is interim head of early chemical development at AstraZeneca in Sweden.

Chad Elmore’s significant scientific contributions have had the alumnus recognized internationally as the first recipient of the European Isotope Science award, presented this fall by the International Isotope Society’s central European division. The honor recognizes scientists for their work in synthesis and application of isotopes.

Elmore, a 1991 chemistry graduate, is interim head of early chemical development for AstraZeneca in Sweden. He has contributed to the development of synthetic methods, especially involving C-14 labeled carbon monoxide, and applications to drive drug discovery and development. Elmore also is considered a leading expert in radiochemical synthesis.

Earlier this year, Elmore earned Rose-Hulman’s Career Achievement Award for his publication record of more than 70 peer reviewed papers and his recognition as a global leader in science research and development. He has established multiple unique reagents and procedures in isotope science, and has contributed on scientific projects with colleagues at Harvard Medical School, Yale University, National Institute of Mental Health, the CEA French Nuclear Agency, and University of Paris-Saclay.