Noel Moore Achievement Awards 2017-18

Friday, November 10, 2017
Noel Moore Achievement Award winners 2017-18

Spring Quarter Recipients: The chemical engineering department recognizes the good attitudes that these students show toward learning and congratulates Braden, Caitlyn, and Brandon for being great role models.

Every quarter the Department of Chemical Engineering awards at least three students with the Noel Moore Award. This award recognizes good attitudes toward learning that make the honorees great role models.


Braden A. Timberman (Sophomore)
Braden Timberman is recognized for his drive and hard work in the Chemical Engineering curriculum. He is quietly engaged in classes and actively participates in smaller group settings. He has made noticeable improvements during his time at Rose and seeks to make stronger connections with the materials being studied. Braden seeks advice from the faculty and is an excellent listener. Congratulations, Braden!

Caitlyn E. Meiser (Junior)
The CHE faculty want to recognize Caitlyn for her dedication to her course work, initiative on independent research work, and community involvement. Caitlyn frequents office hours with thoughtful questions about course material, demonstrating her strong desire to learn. She has also taken part in undergraduate research in the department, exploring ways to control gene expression in bacteria in response to changes in oxygen levels in bioreactors. Caitlyn has served her RHIT community as Secretary for Alpha Chi Sigma and CLSK Peer Educator, and has served the broader community through volunteering at the RH High School Math Contest and Habitat for Humanity. Congratulations, Caitlin!

Brandon K. Volmerding (Senior)
Brandon Volmerding is recognized for his pursuit of excellence in the classroom and laboratory. He actively participates in small groups during class and easily grasps materials. His laboratory work is of excellent quality and his experimental investigations exceeded the requirements. Brandon’s diligence is also shown outside the classroom as a varsity football player and a member of the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity. Great job, Brandon!

Winter Quarter 2017-18 Award Winners

Winter Quarter 2017-18 Award Winners

The chemical engineering department recognizes the good attitudes that these students show toward learning and congratulates Rachel, Sydney, and Devin for being great role models.

Rachel L. Shubella (Sophomore)
Rachel Shubella is nominated for the Noel Moore Award for her outstanding presence both in and out of the classroom. She applies her infectious and boisterous energy to her studies, research projects, and athletics (track and cross country), making Rose-Hulman a more exciting and engaging place to be. Congratulations, Rachel!

Sydney J. Woodard (Junior)
Sydney Woodard is recognized for her strong work ethic, positive attitude, and clear interest in continual learning. Sydney clearly considers feedback provided on assignments to be a valuable learning opportunity and shows continuous improvement and high achievement throughout her coursework. She asks thoughtful and insightful questions in class that improve the understanding of both herself and her classmates. She is also active in the Rose-Hulman community as the vice president of Chi Omega and as a member of the track & field team. Keep up the great work, Sydney!

Devin T. Friske (Senior)
Devin is being recognized for his inquisitiveness, active participation in class, and his eagerness to make connections between course concepts and the real world. He has shown a notable improvement in academic performance during his time at Rose-Hulman while engaging with the campus and neighboring community. Devin’s contributions include working at the Homework Hotline and competing on the Men’s Varsity Cross Country and Indoor Track teams. Congratulations, Devin!

Fall Quarter 2017-18 Award Winners

Fall Quarter 2017-18 Award Winners

The chemical engineering department recognizes the good attitudes that these students show toward learning and congratulates Amol, Lucas, and Katie for being great role models.

Amol Agarwal (Sophomore)
Amol Agarwal earned this award because of his displays of initiative and enthusiasm in and out of the classroom. Amol is always prepared for lectures and eagerly participates in class discussions. His work is neat, accurate, and carefully presented. Amol shares his musical talents with the community through his membership in the Rose Chorus and RHIThm A Capella Group, and he currently serves as the vice president of the International Student Association. Congratulations, Amol!

Lucas B. Mihlbachler (Junior)
Lucas is being recognized for his enthusiastic participation in the learning process. He is attentive and inquisitive in class, fully participates in activities, and seeks help as needed during office hours. Lucas is a pleasure to have in class. Congratulations, Lucas!

Katharine S. Ryan (Senior)
Katie Ryan is recognized for her positive contributions in the classroom and to the campus community. Katie actively contributes to her classes, providing thoughtful comments and asking questions that help open the classroom environment for her peers. She is active in undergraduate research, where she has developed a gas chromatography method for detecting products derived from fatty acids. She has done a great job sharing her research work with another student who is getting started on the project. Katie is also active in extracurricular activities, including community service events and acting as the current vice president of AIChE. Keep up the great work, Katie!
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