Carmel High School Mathletes Once Again Have the Right Answer for Contest

Monday, November 13, 2017
Students seated in a lecture hall while working on mathematics exam

High school students from throughout Indiana and Illinois showcased their problem solving skills once again this fall in Rose-Hulman’s High School Mathematics Competition, organized by the Department of Mathematics.

Carmel High School earned first place in the Rose-Hulman Mathematics Competition Saturday, Nov. 13, marking the ninth consecutive year that the school has captured the top spot.

South Vigo of Terre Haute earned second place overall team honors, followed by Fishers High School, Castle High School (Newburgh) and Signature School (Evansville).

Carmel’s Kevin Liu, a junior and former middle school national MATHCOUNTS champion, was the only student to correctly solve all 20 of the challenging problems in this year’s competition.

Other grade division champions were senior John Dalloul of South Vigo, sophomore Rhea Acharya of Carmel and freshman Song Kim of Lafayette’s William Henry Harrison High School.

Nearly 450 students from more than two dozen Indiana and Illinois high schools took part in the annual contest, which Rose-Hulman has hosted for the past 52 years. The competition was organized by the Department of Mathematics, with professors John Rickert and Leanne Holder supervising.

Top team and individual results, by grade division, were:

Overall Results: 1. Carmel, 2. Terre Haute South Vigo, 3. Fishers, 4. Castle, 5. Signature School

Senior Team: 1. Park Tudor, 2. Carmel, 3. Terre Haute South Vigo, 4. Zionsville

Senior Individual:  1. John Dalloul, South Vigo; 2. Allen Zhang, Carmel; 2. Alex Gu, Park Tudor; 2. Michelle Shen, Park Tudor; 3. Andrew Wu, Park Tudor; 3. Jeremy Chiang, Zionsville; 3. Anthony Weng, South Vigo; 4. Rachael Tan, Carmel; 5. Sam Winegardner, Fishers; 6. Patrick Mercho, South Vigo; 7. Isaac Meng, Fishers; 7. Eric Zhu, Carmel; 7. Allen Zhao, Park Tudor; 7. Nick Farber, Hamilton Southeastern; 8. Jeremy Rusk, South Vigo; 9. Jon Hillery, William Henry Harrison; 10. Justin Rowe, South Vigo; 10. Dylan Verst, South Vigo; 10. Ian Samir, Carmel; 11. Eddie Lin, Zionsville; 12. Ethan Beachy, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators Association

Junior Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Zionsville Community High School, 3. Culver Academies, 4. Terre Haute South Vigo

Junior Individual: 1. Kevin Liu, Carmel; 2. Duo Zheng, Culver Academies; 3. Joey Heerens, Carmel; 3. Parker Jou, Carmel; 3. Ethan Kirsch, South Vigo; 4. Joey Kurek, Zionsville; 4. Charlie Chiang; 4. Woojin Chung, Fishers; 5. Satvik Kumar, Carmel; 5. Tony Ou, Carmel; 6. Rithwik Palivela, Carmel; 7. Gus Weber, Saint Thomas More; 7. Gary Zhang, Carmel; 8. Yulun Wu, Culver Academies; 9. Esther Chung, Champaign Central; 10. James Lao, Zionsville; 11. Joseph Dalloul, South Vigo; 12. Caleb Boutell, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators Association

Sophomore Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Signature School, 3. Hamilton Southeastern, 4. Castle

Sophomore Individual:  1. Rhea Acharya, Carmel; 2. Kabir Sheth, Signature School; 3. Varun Chheda, Park Tudor; 3. Jenny Zhao, Park Tudor; 3. Chris Zou, Carmel; 4. Angela Li, Carmel; 5. Anushka Dasgupta, Carmel; 6. Jenny Cai, Park Tudor; 7. Brian Zhang, Carmel; 8. Jack Herzog, Hamilton Southeastern; 8. Kevin Li, Champaign Central; 8. Benjamin Kipp, Fishers; 9. Yannik Singh, Carmel; 10. Alan Yang, Culver Academies; 11. Andrew Park, Centennial; 12. Jerry Wang, Carmel

Freshman Team: 1. Carmel, 2. Terre Haute South, 3. Terre Haute Christian Home Educators Association, 4. Fishers

Freshman Individual: 1. Song Kim, William Henry Harrison; 2. Lillian He, Carmel; 2. Noah Tan, Carmel; 3. Braedon Sweeley, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators Association; 4. Stephen Kallubhavi, South Vigo; 5. Joey Shao, Zionsville; 5. Atul Odhayamangalam, South Vigo; 6. Owen Eckart, Carmel; 7. Micah Beachy, Terre Haute Christian Home Educators Association; 8. James Shin, Centennial; 8. Cassandra Meyer, Fishers; 9. Ruichen Bai, Champaign Central; 10. Alisha Mastakar, South Vigo; 11. Ray Gao, Hamilton Southeastern; 12. Paige Boaz, Fishers; 12. William Wei, Culver Academies

The competition was organized by mathematics professor John Rickert and the rest of Rose-Hulman’s Department of Mathematics. More than 70 Rose-Hulman students volunteered to grade and proctor the examinations.


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