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Rules & Procedures - Pass/Fail

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The Pass/Fail provision is designed to encourage students to take elective courses that they feel might be useful or interesting but in which their performance might be only marginal because of a heavy schedule, lack of background, etc. A course taken on a Pass/Fail basis is graded on the basis of Satisfactory (S) (the student receives credit) or Unsatisfactory (U) (the student does not receive credit). Neither grade influences the student's GPA.
(NOTE: Some courses are routinely graded on a Pass/Fail basis. Courses designated Pass/Fail by the Curriculum Committee are not subject to these stipulations.)

  1. The student must have the permission of the advisor and the instructor in the course.
  2. The course may only be used to fulfill a Free Elective requirement or a course beyond the stated graduation requirements.
  3. No more than eight credits may be taken Pass/Fail.

To take a class Pass/Fail a student must pick up a Pass/Fail form from the Registrar's office and obtain signatures of approval from the advisor and the instructor. The completed form must be submitted to the Registrar's office no later than the end of the fifth day of classes.
The student would be well advised to consult with the instructor in advance to determine what will constitute "Satisfactory" and "Unsatisfactory" work in the course.
Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Admissions and Standing Committee.

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