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Rules & Procedures - Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

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Involuntary Medical Withdrawal

Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology seeks to establish and maintain a community environment that promotes education, research, and service. Rose-Hulman is particularly concerned with the health and safety of its students, faculty, and staff and maintains an environment that is conducive to personal and intellectual growth. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology desires to create a procedure separate from the student Discipline and Suspension policy for those students engaged in certain inappropriate behaviors (as described below) resulting from medical reasons. Subject to Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology's duties under the "Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990" and "Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973", a student may be administratively withdrawn involuntarily from the Institute.


The Involuntary Medical Withdrawal process will be initiated and a student may be administratively withdrawn from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology when, in the judgment of the Vice-President for Student Affairs, the student's medical condition involves one or more of the following:

  1. A significant danger or imminent threat of harm to self, others, or property.
  2. Behavior that signifies a chronic or repeated threat of harm to others property.
  3. Behavior that is disruptive to the Rose-Hulman community in that the behavior disturbs the academic pursuits or infringes upon the rights, privileges, health, or safety of others.
  4. The student cannot be effectively treated medically while a member of the academic community.

Any member of the Rose-Hulman community who has reason to believe that a student may meet one or more of the above circumstances may contact the Office of Student Affairs.  The Vice-President for Student Affairs will review any information provided and consult with the counseling staff and/or the attending physician or psychiatrist regarding the health of the student (as permitted by FERPA guidelines). The student may be directed in writing and/or orally (depending upon the urgency of the situation) to attend a meeting with the Vice-President for Student Affairs. The Vice-President for Student Affairs will meet with the student at the earliest possible time to discuss the student's condition.

Potential outcomes of such a meeting

  1. No action taken.  The student is permitted to remain at Rose-Hulman subject to no special conditions.
  2. Conditional enrollment letter outlining specific actions required by the student to continue at Rose-Hulman.
  3. Withdrawal from Rose-Hulman. Withdrawal can be immediate.
  4. The Vice-President for Student Affairs may invoke a summary suspension that will result in the student's immediate withdrawal from the Institute. (This may be necessary for the well-being of the student, other persons, or of the Institute.) The student must comply with this decision, but may proceed with the appeal process within the 48 hour appeal period.

Appeal process

The student may appeal the Vice President of Student Affairs' decision to the committee consisting of the Rules and Discipline Committee and the Director of International Student Services and Special Programs. Any appeal must be submitted to the chair of the Rules and Discipline Committee in writing within 48 hours of the Vice-President's determination.

An appeal meeting will be scheduled to allow the student to present relevant information concerning the matter. A representative (a student, faculty, or staff member from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology) may be present to assist the student throughout the formal process.

At the conclusion of the meeting with the Committee, all information will be considered and a letter will be furnished to the student and the Vice-President for Student Affairs containing the committee's conclusions regarding the appeal.


If an involuntary medical withdrawal occurs, conditions for re-admittance may be imposed by the Vice President of Student Affairs at the time of the withdrawal. As the result of an involuntary medical withdrawal under this policy, a student may be asked to submit, prior to resuming classes or on-campus residence, a letter to the Vice-President for Student Affairs from a licensed health care professional stating that the student is capable of resuming academic course work and adhering to the responsibilities of living in a residence hall community. In addition, the student will schedule and attend a meeting with the Admissions and Standing Committee as a condition of readmission. This meeting can be arranged through the assistance of the Vice-President for Student Affairs or the Registrar's Office. The Admissions and Standing Committee will determine whether the student shall be readmitted.


A student withdrawn from classes under this policy is eligible for tuition and fee refunds and residence hall refunds according to the Rose-Hulman Student Handbook.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Office of Student Affairs.

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