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Rules & Procedures - Double Major

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Double Major

In the case of a double major, the graduate holds a degree in the primary program (listed first on the diploma) and has met the requirements for a second major (listed second on the diploma) in another program. A qualified student must complete all the requirements for a degree in the primary program.

Each department maintains the list of courses required to complete a second major for its corresponding programs. For ABET accredited programs, the set of courses used to satisfy the second major is required to meet at least the minimum curricular accreditation requirements for that program.


Proposal forms for double majors are available on the Registrar’s website. Students should discuss the forms and the double major plan with their advisor and all of the involved department heads prior to submission for final approval. A complete application should then be submitted to the department head for the primary major and must contain the following elements:

  1. A cover page that contains:
    1. Notes for any special circumstances or exceptions. If uncommon requests or any exceptions    to program requirements are being requested, the checkbox should be marked to request approval by the Institute Curriculum Committee. This checkbox can be marked by anyone in the approval process.
    2. Signatures of the applicant, their academic advisor, and the head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, obtained in the order listed.
  2. A complete program schedule, by quarters, which includes the credit hours for each course, the total credit hours for each quarter and the total credit hours.
  3. A table showing how all degree program requirements of the first major are satisfied. The table should show the quarter taken, the grade achieved (if known), and the total number of credit hours taken.
  4. A similar table showing how the requirements of the second major are satisfied. If more than one second major is being requested, each additional major should have its own completed table.

Further routing of the application to get the subsequent approval signatures will occur by those approvers. Where applicable, department heads for second and additional majors should indicate verification of ABET accreditation requirements for those programs. If changes are requested by later approvers, students will need to make the appropriate changes and resubmit the application to the department head of the primary major with new approvals.


A double major in Electrical Engineering and Computer Engineering is prohibited.
Important Note: See Overloads. The fact that a student is pursuing a Double Major is NOT a sufficient reason for approving an overload when the student's GPA is low.
See also Two Degrees.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Curriculum Committee.

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