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Rules & Procedures - Directed Research/Independent Study

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Directed Research/Independent Study

In order to increase the breadth and flexibility of course offerings, many departments offer courses under the designation Directed Research / Independent Study. A student who desires a course not normally offered or not available during a giventerm should approach the instructor in whose discipline the course would normally fall to discuss the possibility of Directed Research / Independent Study. If the instructor agrees, a written proposal may be required from the student, specifying the reading and/or research to be undertaken, reports or tests to be used for grading purposes, number of meetings per week, number of credits to be awarded, etc.


The student should pick up and complete a Directed Research / Independent Study form, available in the registrar's office. The completed form should be returned to the registrar's office.


  1. Directed Research / Independent Study courses may not be used to replace a failed course.
  2. Directed Research / Independent Study courses may not be used for Course Substitution.
  3. All Directed Research / Independent Study courses must receive the approval of the appropriate Department Head.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult Department Head.

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