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Rules & Procedures - Attendance

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The cumulative nature, complexity, and fast pace of the courses at Rose-Hulman make regular engagement in course material a necessity. There are also important benefits to be gained from entering into discussion, learning to express one's own ideas, and learning from the ideas of others. The Faculty of Rose-Hulman

  • agree that regular engagement in course content is necessary,
  • endorse the faculty member's right to require engagement in the course,
  • support the assessment of grade penalties, including failure in the course, if a student fails to engage in a sufficient amount of course content, as determined by the instructor, and
  • expect each instructor to give careful thought to and to announce this engagement policy.


At the beginning of each course and as soon as practicable after any change to course delivery, the instructor has the authority to determine and the responsibility to announce the extent to which lack of engagement in course material, unexcused absences, or tardiness will affect the student's final grade. 

Excused absences

Instructors will normally permit make-up work to be done when a student has legitimate conflicting obligations, including but not limited to illness, quarantine, isolation, self-isolation, emergency, Institute-sponsored activities, or plant trips. These conflicts do not excuse the student from course responsibilities. The student is responsible for informing the instructor of any legitimate excuses and making arrangements for make-up work, if permitted, as soon as possible. Whenever possible, the student must discuss unavoidable absences with instructors in advance.

Group activities
When more than one student will miss class because of a scheduled school activity, school policy requires that a notice be circulated to the Faculty. The faculty sponsor for the activity must submit a roster of students involved, stating the purpose, time(s), and date(s) of absence, to the Dean of Students for approval. The sponsor is responsible for having this notice duplicated and distributed to the Faculty not later than one week prior to the anticipated absence.

Plant trips
An Interview Plant Trip Form, available from the Placement Office, should be used by the student to notify instructors of an intended trip that will result in absence from class.

Exceptions or Questions: Contact Dean of Students.

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