Drop & Add Procedures

Before dropping or adding a class, students must meet with their advisor to determine the best course of action.

Changes before the term begins: If the Registrar's Office discovers a problem in a student's enrollment, e.g., a section overfilled, a course canceled, it may be necessary to move a student to another section of a class. If so, the change will be made automatically. If the student finds it necessary to make a schedule change, a Drop/Add Form must be obtained from the Registrar and the change must be approved by the Advisor.

Changes in the first week: The first five days of classes in a term are designated Drop/Add week and are used to make last-minute changes in schedule (as in the case of a student who must repeat a course). The student obtains a Drop/Add Form from the Registrar and must first obtain the signature of the Advisor, indicating approval, and then the signatures of the instructor in the course being added and the instructor in the course being dropped, indicating that they have been notified of the change. The student then returns the Form to the Registrar. Note that adding a course is permitted only through the fifth day of classes in the term.

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