Rose Talks

Rose Talks

The Rose Talks series features Rose‑Hulman faculty and alumni speaking on their respective areas of expertise.

Watch the Rose Talks Series!

Rose-Hulman has some of the world's brightest faculty and alumni. Watch as they present on a variety of topics - ranging from the staggering range of length scales over which science is done to actively listening to music as a time-travel game to the newest developments in the treatment of diabetes and more!
!Image of Kim and Dave Henthorn

Rose Talks: Drs. Kim and Dave Henthorn

Love chocolate? Join Associate Professors of Chemical Engineering Kim Henthorn (CHE, 1999) and David Henthorn for an online chocolate tasting and discussion of the chemistry and engineering that goes into the production of high-quality chocolate.

If you would like to sample along with the Henthorns during the video, we suggest finding two dark chocolates and two milk chocolates. For each type of chocolate, choose something from a lower price point ($1-$2 per bar, e.g. Hershey’s) and then something in the $3-$4 range. White and ruby chocolate are also sampled at the end.

!Image of Richard House and Rebecca DeVasher

Rose Talks: Dr. Richard House and Dr. Rebecca DeVasher

Head of the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and Professor of English and former Jeopardy! champion Richard House addresses Mechanical, Liberal, Practical, Trivial: Jeopardy!, Engineering, and the Profession of Learning.

Associate Professor of Chemistry Rebecca DeVasher discusses Alternative Energy from Black Wastewater Streams.

!Image of Mike Hatfield and Jacob Oblazny

Rose Talks: Sawmill Edition! Mike Hatfield and Jacob Oblazny

The Sawmill Society is an exclusive network of Rose-Hulman entrepreneurs, coming together in the spirit of collaboration, innovation and philanthropy.

Mike Hatfield, a 1984 electrical engineering alumnus, presents on the importance of entrepreneurship in today’s world. Mike is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of Carium, a virtual care and remote patient monitoring company.

Jacob Oblazny, a current Rose-Hulman student and electrical engineering major, is part of the founding team at LifelinePi, a company focused on improving telehealth communication.

!Image of Dr. Diane Evans and Dr. Sriram Mohan

Rose Talks: Dr. Diane Evans and Dr. Sriram Mohan

Dr. Diane Evans, Professor of Engineering Management, discusses the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster.

Dr. Sriram Mohan is a Professor of Computer Science and Software Engineering, presents on Ethics in Data Science and Machine Learning. 

!Image of Dr. Adam Nolte and Dr. David Chapman

Rose Talks: Dr. Adam Nolte and Dr. David Chapman

Dr. Adam Nolte is Head of the Department of Chemical Engineering and Associate Professor. While his talk in this video isn't specific to his department, "The Size of Stuff" brings a big perspective. Dr. Nolte tours you through the staggering range of length scales over which science is done, from the planetary to the atomic, and talks about the tools we use to measure distances when the yardstick just won’t cut it.

Dr. David Chapman, Associate Professor of Music in the Humanities, Social Sciences, and the Arts department talks about "Musical Listening as a Time-Travel Game". In the game of musical listening, we actively engage with music instead of passively receiving it. And as with any game, it's more fun if you understand the rules!


Rose Talks: Dr. Mariya Krisenko

Mariya (Marsha) Krisenko, Ph.D., MSL-BC, is a 2010 Rose-Hulman Applied Biology graduate who went on to earn a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology. In this video, the certified Medical Science Liaison with a Fortune 500 company discusses “Diabetes Innovation and Frontier,” covering new innovations in diabetes and how our clinical model for treatment of diabetes is changing. It's not about the sugar anymore!

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