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Alumni Success

Our alumni have gone on to graduate study and to rewarding careers in engineering, healthcare and law.

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  • Anderson Adams:DEKA Research and Development 

  • Gracie Gibbs:OrthoPediatrics 

  • Ryan Seale:M.S. Grace College (Orthopaedic Regulatory and Clinical Affairs) 

  • Mackenzie Christensen:M.S. University of Colorado - Denver (Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Jeff Elliott:M.S. Grace College (Orthopaedic Regulatory and Clinical Affairs) 

  • Sarah Hensley:M.S. University of Colorado - Denver (Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Brian Sutterer: M.D. Indiana University 

  • Nate Moore:M.D. Indiana University 

  • Paige Cook: M.S. Cornell University (Biomedical Engineering) 

  • Becca Stevens: M.S. University of Michgan (Biomechanics) 

  • Kelly Greenberg: Minnetronix 

  • Allan Che:M.S. Rose-Hulman (Biomedical Engineering), Coviden Health 

  • Audrey Niverson:M.S.Grace College (Regularory Affairs), Zimmer Orthopaedics 

  • Michael Kovacs:Biomet, Inc. 

  • Betsy Jones:Whitaker International Fellow, Oxford University (Biomechanics) 

  • Emily Lakes:PhD. University of Florida (Biomechanics)  

  • Derek Archer: PhD. University of Florida (Biobehavioral Science - Motor Control) HHP Fellowship 

  • Jordan Oja: Invacare 

  • Hobey Tam: PhD. Clemson University (Tissue Engineering) 

  • Ryan Gergely: PhD. University of Illinois (Material Sciences) 

  • Jill (Watson) Bouillon: Paragon Medical 

  • Allison (StultzMandrell:  M.S. Purdue University (Biomedical Engineering);DePuy Orthopedics 

  • Sami (Dick) DeVries: M.S. Rose-Hulman (Mechanical Engineering);Rehabilitation Institute of Indianapolis; 

  • Michael Lockhart: M.S. Cincinnati (Biomedical Engineering); United States Army Reserves; Covidien Health 

  • Lucas Alvey:University of Medicine and Dentistry - New Jersey 

  • Natalie (Dickman) Lord:Arrhythmia Technologies Institute;Biotronik 

  • Margaret Kelley: Biomet, Inc: Greatbatch Medical Orthopaedics Group 

  • Michael Volitich: Beckman Coulter 

  • Sarah (Younger) McCartney: Bard Biopsy Systems 

  • Darcie (Thomas) Jones: M.S. Rose-Hulman (Engineering Management) 

  • Leah Howard: M.S. IUPUI (Biomedical Engineering): Zimmer Orthopaedics 

  • Didem Tunc: Arrhythmia Technologies Institute: The Heart Group 

  • C.J. Tuskcan: Beckman Coulter 

  • Christopher Meyer: J.D. Washington Univeristy; Biomet, Inc.; Dinsmore & Shohl Law 

  • James Merk: MED Institute 

  • Kurt Dierking: Cook Medical 

Rose-Hulman provides its students with exceptional opportunities, one of which is the partnership with the Joint Replacement Surgeons of Indiana (JRSI). My experience with JRSI’s excellent equipment and the facilities available at Rose-Hulman has set me apart as an applicant for graduate school. In addition to the excellent equipment and facilities available to students doing research with JRSI, I was also able to learn how research studies are designed and implemented. I was able to contribute to developing the test methods and performing the testing and data analysis for a study now published in Clinical Orthopaedicas and Related Research. I was also honored to give an oral presentation of the research at the BMES Annual Meeting that year.

Betsy Jones smiling outside the student recreation center

Seeing a study through from test methods to results is a unique opportunity. Having that study published in a major journal and presenting the research at a major conference before completing my bachelor’s degree is exceptional. I would not have had such&#160exceptional accomplishments without the opportunities provided to me by JRSI. I am very grateful to Scott Small and JRSI and to Rose-Hulman for continuing to provide exceptional opportunities that help the students of Rose-Hulman excel.

Betsy Jones
2013 Biomedical Engineering, International Studies

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