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The biology program will produce biologists with the chemistry, mathematics, and physics background needed to solve biotechnological problems in the coming decades. Those students wishing to strengthen their engineering skills can earn the area minor in biomedical engineering. Other students may choose to pursue a second major in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. The program will prepare graduates for professional careers in government and industrial research laboratories, and in the biotechnology and health-related industries

BIO 499 - Senior Thesis Research IV

  • Credit Hours: 0R-6L-2C
  • Term Available: W
  • Graduate Studies Eligible: No
  • Prerequisites: BIO 399 and consent of instructor
  • Corequisites: None

Completion of senior thesis under the direction of an BBE faculty mentor. Major tasks include final analysis, public presentation of results, and submission of the written thesis. Additional requirements for adequate progress determined by each faculty mentor.

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