Photos of rockets and student scientists and astronomers exploring outer space.

To the moon, and beyond...

From authoring the memo that set the timetable for America's first trip to the moon to helping develop current rockets, telescopes, and communications systems, Rose‑Hulman alumni have a rich tradition of reaching for the stars.

The Final Frontier

Scientists, mathematicians, and engineers educated at Rose-Hulman are at the forefront of humankind's next steps into outer space. Rose alumni at NASA, SpaceX, Blue Origin and other extraterrestrially focused organizations and companies are designing the equipment, conducting the experiments and making exploration of the next frontier a reality.

Alumnus Dick Osburn remembers his role in the Apollo 11 moon landing.

Alumni in Space

!Astronauts-in-training inside the vomit comet at NASA.

Riding the Vomit Comet

!Heather Wiest at Blue Origin

Alumni Dreaming Big at Blue Origin

!Brad Bailey lecturing in a classroom

Alumnus Astrobiologist Helps Prepare NASA for Return to Moon

!Ander Solorzano with DHL astrobox

Hauling for NASA to the Moon

!Sam Howell at NASA

Up Close with Jupiter and Mars


Mars Generation

Standing on Mars is the goal.

Alumni at SpaceX

SpaceX alumni are pushing the frontiers of tomorrow.

Mars Calling

Alumnus Helping NASA explore Mars.

Exploring the Heavens

Using the high-powered telescopes in our Oakley Observatory and its cousin facility in Australia, our students have discovered 33 minor planets. 

More than 100 of our students have co-authored papers documenting the light curves of more than 500 minor planets.

Check out some of the images we've captured!

Historic Achievement

!Abe Silverstein with moon capsule model

Father of Apollo

Alumnus Abe Silverstein believed in NASA and the U.S. quest to reach the moon. He named the Apollo program and set NASA's goal to reach the lunar surface before the end of the 1960s.
!Eileen Collins floating aboard a spacecraft.

Meeting the Challenge

Eileen Collins was the first female Space Shuttle commander and brought her story to Rose-Hulman.

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