Rose Ready is our comprehensive plan to help keep the Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology campus and surrounding community safe by limiting the spread of COVID-19.

This includes the plans, tools and protocols needed for the successful resumption of campus activities this fall while helping every member of the Rose-Hulman community stay safe and healthy. Our overall guiding principles  for this work are simple:

  • Maximize student, faculty and staff health and safety
  • Maximize student learning

These processes will continue to evolve, driven by the latest development of the virus on campus, in the local, regional, state and national communities, and the ever-expanding body of knowledge and science surrounding COVID-19. 

Please continue to check this page regularly for the latest information

Through our combined efforts and diligence, we will be Rose Ready.


Outside visitors to campus, including parents, family members and friends, are permitted. Those on campus who are hosting outside visitors are responsible for determining their vaccination status and managing their behaviors on campus. Fully vaccinated and non-vaccinated visitors must follow the on-campus masking and social distancing policies in place for faculty, staff and students at the given time, as identified in Rose Ready.


This information is based on employees and students who have completed and reported proof of their initial doses of approved vaccinations to Health Services. The percentage of vaccinations includes vaccinations administered by Health Services to current employees and students, and approved vaccines voluntarily reported to Health Services.

As of May 26, 2022:

Employee Vaccination Rate: 88%

Student Vaccination Rate: 93%


This dashboard shares data from the screening put in place as part of Rose-Hulman’s Rose Ready health and safety protocols. This information is relative to only those individuals authorized to be on campus.

Testing is being done on symptomatic individuals who visit Health Services, student-athletes, and individuals who are not fully vaccinated. Data includes self-reported positive cases for individuals who test off campus.

Case numbers will be updated again beginning with the return of students for the start of Fall 2022 quarter.


This comprehensive living document outlines Rose-Hulman’s plans and guidelines for a safe return to campus in Fall 2021.

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