As we welcome students back to campus, we are mindful of the ongoing challenges that COVID-19 presents to our community. We are confident that by working together, we can achieve our objectives of balancing student, faculty and staff health and safety with student learning and campus experiences.

This FAQ serves as a living document which will continue to evolve, driven by the latest development of the virus on campus, in the local, regional, state and national communities, and the ever-expanding body of knowledge and science surrounding COVID-19 and its variants. 

2023-24 COVID-19 FAQ 

Q: Am I required to submit a COVID-19 test before arriving to campus this year?

A: No. Rose-Hulman is not requiring students, faculty, or staff to submit a COVID-19 test result before arriving to campus.

However, we recommend that students test before arriving to campus. This is both to prevent students from having to immediately isolate upon arrival and to help mitigate the potential spread of the virus. Visit this page to access free COVID tests. Alternatively, low- or no-cost COVID testing sites can be found at this page


Q: Am I required to submit a copy of my COVID-19 vaccine record to Rose-Hulman Health Services?

A: No. At this time, Rose-Hulman students, faculty and staff are not required to submit their vaccination card or booster information to Health Services. We recommend all Rose-Hulman campus community members stay up to date on their vaccinations and have their vaccination card readily available.


Q: Will I need to participate in COVID-19 surveillance testing?

A: At this time, there are no plans for on-campus surveillance testing during the 2023-24 academic year, regardless of vaccination status.


Q: What if I have symptoms of COVID-19?

A: If you are not feeling well and display COVID-19 symptoms, do not go to class or work, regardless of your vaccination status. Please call Health Services (812-877-8367) during normal business hours, or contact your personal physician. Health Services can discuss your symptoms with you and recommend next steps.

If you need to be evaluated after hours, please go to:

Union Hospital Convenient Care: or local Emergency Room.


Q: What do I do if I test positive outside the Rose-Hulman Health Services Office?

A: Students: If you received a positive test result from a community health provider, such as CVS Minute Clinic, Convenient Care or someplace similar, please email your test result to

If you used a home antigen test, please take a picture of the test with your name and Banner ID written on or near the result. Email the picture to

With a confirmed test result, we can notify your professors of your isolation period.

If a positive test confirms you have COVID-19, you must follow isolation procedures, regardless of your vaccination status.

Faculty/Staff: If you received a positive test result from a home antigen test, community health provider such as CVS Minute Clinic, Convenient Care or someplace similar, you must isolate for the timeframe recommended by the CDC. Please follow current Human Resources policies for illness reporting and notify your supervisor.  


Q: If I test positive for COVID-19 who will notify my professor that I will not be able to attend class during my isolation period?

A: Once you have submitted your positive test result to, Student Affairs will then notify your professors via email with the timeline of your absence due to medical reasons. It is also recommended that you notify your professors directly.


Q: If I tested positive for COVID-19, will I be contacted by a contact tracer?

A: No, Rose-Hulman will not be conducting contact tracing. It is the responsibility of the individual who tested positive to communicate with potential close contacts.


Q: If I test positive for COVID-19, where will I isolate?

A: Students are being asked to secure their own off-campus isolation housing during their isolation period. Students who live in residence halls may choose to stay at one of many local hotels, or they may choose to return to their permanent home residence, but they may not stay in the residence hall while in isolation. Because students are being asked to secure their own accommodations if they test positive for COVID-19, we recommend that they create an isolation plan in advance. 

Students who live off-campus should assess their living situation and determine whether separate isolation quarters are needed. If so, they should plan to secure their own isolation housing.

Please email if you need assistance in securing isolation housing.

Below are hotels close to campus where students have isolated in the past:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Terre Haute:
Home 2 Suites by Hilton Terre Haute:


Q: How long do I have to isolate?

A: The CDC has an online tool to help determine how long you need to isolate or take other steps to prevent spreading COVID-19. To determine your timeline, visit this page:


Q: If I have to isolate, when can I return to class?

A: After you complete the CDC timeline for your isolation, you may return to class at the end of the isolation period, as long as you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your symptoms are improving. Be sure to wear a properly fitted, high-quality mask around other people through day 10 following a positive test.

After your isolation period ends, either:

Be sure to wear a properly fitted, high-quality mask around other people through day 10 following a positive test.


If you have access to antigen tests, and you have two sequential negative tests 48 hours apart, you may remove your mask sooner than day 10. If you do not have access to antigen tests, you must continue to wear your mask through day 10.


Q: Do I need to retest for COVID-19 after being in isolation due to a positive COVID-19 test?

A: No. Once you have completed the CDC-recommended period of isolation, you have been fever-free for 24 hours without the use of fever-reducing medication and your symptoms are improving, you can return to campus without testing again. Be sure to wear a properly fitted, high-quality mask around other people through day 10 following a positive test.


Q: If I have a campus meal plan and have to isolate, how will I get my meals delivered?

A: Students living on campus with residential meal plans should plan to coordinate their own meal delivery when possible, either with friends, family, or local meal delivery services.

Please email if you have issues securing meals."


Q: If I live on-campus, how do I get to my isolation location?

A: Students living on campus who test positive should plan to arrange transportation to the isolation location. In situations where students are unable to arrange transportation, Rose-Hulman will work with on-campus personnel to assist.


Q: What if I have difficulty finding an isolation location, coordinating meals or transportation to the isolation location?

A: While we are asking students who test positive to have more accountability for their action plan, we recognize that this may be new for some students or there are extenuating circumstances that prevent a student from taking such action. Rose-Hulman’s priority remains on ensuring that all students have the accommodations they need, and will work individually with students in these cases. Students who need additional assistance with finding an isolation location, coordinating meals or transportation can contact If needed, Resident Assistants and members from Public Safety (812-877-8590) may also be able to assist with time-sensitive requests outside normal hours of operation.


Q: Where can I get a COVID-19 test on-campus?

A: It is highly recommended that students bring COVID-19 home test kits to have readily available at their housing location. Testing is available in Health Services for symptomatic individuals where a test is deemed to be part of patient care. A limited number of antigen/home test kits will be available for asymptomatic individuals in the Student Affairs office. Visit this page to access free COVID tests. Alternatively, low or no cost COVID testing sites can be found at this page.


Q: Who should I consider to be a close contact?

A: According to the CDC, close contacts are people you have been around (less than 6 feet away for a combined total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period) during the two-day period before you first had symptoms OR if you do not have symptoms, two days before you were tested for COVID-19, through to the time you started isolation. They are at greatest risk of infection and therefore need to be notified as soon as possible. When thinking of close contacts, here are a few people to remember:

  • Who lives with you (including family members, roommates, or overnight guests)?
  • Who are classmates you sit close to, lab partners or study partners?
  • Who are your intimate partners?
  • Who were you with at an in-person meeting or gathering you attended?
  • Who have you gotten together with recently (visited in their home, eaten out at a restaurant, gone out for drinks, exercised with or gone to a gym with, had over to your house, gone to a party with)?
  • Who have you visited off-campus?
  • Who have you had an in-person appointment with recently (for example, medical provider, a hair salon, nail salon, etc.)?
  • Who have you ridden with in a personal vehicle recently?
  • Who have you played sports with recently, or worked with on an arts-related group activity such as a concert, musical, or play?


Q: If I am positive, how do I notify my close contacts?

A: Here is an example of how to communicate with potential close contacts after testing positive for COVID-19:

Hi. I need to talk to you about something important. Do you have a few minutes to talk privately? I was diagnosed with COVID-19 (or tested positive) on [xxx date]. We spent time together on [xxx date], and I wanted to let you know, so that you can follow CDC recommendations for people who were exposed to COVID-19.


Q: If I learn that I am a close contact, do I need to quarantine?

A: If you were a close contact and exposed to COVID-19, quarantine is no longer required. Instead, please wear a high-quality mask as soon as you learn you have been exposed and continue to wear a mask through day 10.

You can learn more about what to do after you have been exposed at this link:


Q: Is there a masking/face covering requirement on-campus?

A: At this time, wearing a face mask is optional throughout all campus spaces unless otherwise required after a positive test or being notified of being a close contact. However, employees may still require individuals to wear a mask while in their immediate space(s), (e.g., classrooms, labs, and offices).


Q: Can I get the COVID-19 vaccine (primary vaccine and/or booster) on-campus?

A: Yes. Vaccinations are just one more layer of protection for you, your family, and our community. Please join us by getting immunized and help us bring the best of Rose-Hulman to the ongoing fight against COVID-19. If you have questions or concerns about the COVID-19 vaccine, please talk with your doctor. If you have questions about the on-campus vaccination process, please contact Health Services. Rose-Hulman’s Health Services Office is currently offering COVID-19 vaccine(s) and booster(s). Hours are Monday-Friday 7:30 am-4 pm during the school year. Please call 812-877-8367 to schedule an appointment.


Q: What support can a student expect from their professor if they must miss class for an excused absence?

A: Excused absences occur in a wide range of situations and require the student and professor to work together for the student’s success. We trust faculty to find reasonable approaches to support their students. Generally, a student can expect to receive notes or presentation slides from the classes that they miss. In addition, after they have reviewed the material that they missed, a student can meet with their professor either during office hours or at a time that they schedule with their professor to ask questions about the course material that was missed. A student should not expect to be able to participate in class real-time or for a professor to fully reproduce a classroom performance on demand whenever requested by an individual student.

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