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Rules & Procedures - Graduate Courses

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Graduate Courses

Graduate courses are included in the section of Course Descriptions in the Bulletin.

An undergraduate student who wishes to take 12 hours or less of 500-level courses for graduate credit may do so, subject to the following conditions

  1. The student must have a cumulative GPA of 3.000 or better.
  2. Up to 12 credit hours of 500-level coursework from the BS degree, which are approved by the head of the department offering the graduate degree and the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning, can be counted toward the graduate degree for students who are pursuing established concurrent undergraduate/graduate pairings.
  3. The student must request permission to receive graduate credit prior to enrollment in the course. To do this, the student must obtain a Graduate Credit Enrollment Form from the Registrar's Office and fill it out. The Form must be submitted for endorsement by the student's advisor, the instructor, and for approval by the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning. A separate form should be submitted for each course in which the undergraduate desires to enroll for graduate credit. The student, the advisor, and the instructor will be notified of the decision of the Associate Dean of Lifelong Learning by the Registrar.

The student's official graduate transcript will show that the course was taken for graduate credit at Rose-Hulman. However, it must be understood that this does not constitute acceptance to any graduate school, nor does it guarantee that the course will be accepted for graduate credit toward any graduate degree plan. An undergraduate student who wishes to take more than 12 hours of graduate courses must enroll in the graduate program.

For information on this option see Concurrent Pursuance of the B.S. and Master’s Degrees.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult the Graduate Studies Committee.

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