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Rules & Procedures - Cross Registration

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.

Cross Registration

Cross Registration permits a Rose-Hulman student to enroll simultaneously at Indiana State University or St. Mary-of-the-Woods College. This provision is designed to aid the student who desires a wider range of electives.

Normally, permission for Cross Registration will be granted only when the course(s) taken can be applied to the student's graduation requirements at Rose-Hulman.
The usual regulations for overload apply. If the combined academic load will exceed the stipulated limits, the student must petition the Admissions and Standing Committee in advance of enrollment.
The usual regulations for Transfer Credit apply.


At least two weeks prior to the first day of classes at the other institution, a Rose-Hulman student wishing to take a course there must obtain the necessary application form from the Rose-Hulman Registrar. The form must then be approved by the Dean of the Faculty, the Registrars of both institutions, the appropriate Department Heads, advisor, and the course instructor before the beginning of classes at the other institution.

Tuition & fees

Under the present Cross-Registration arrangement, a full-time Rose-Hulman student pays no additional fee for courses taken at I.S.U. or at St. Mary-of-the-Woods College during the regular school year (excluding summer sessions).

For More Information:

See Course Substitution.
See Transfer Credit.

Exceptions & Questions: Consult Registrar's Office.

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