Dr. Kukral teaches a class outside near the Flame of the Millennium sculpture.


Whether you’re looking to expand your thinking or increase your marketability, adding a minor is a great way to make the most of your time at Rose‑Hulman.


Adding a minor can help you supplement, enhance, or expand on your degree. Choose from our humanities, technical, or interdisciplinary minors to customize your education.

Human Skull


Telescope in the foreground against blue sky with other telescopes in the background.


Female student examines dark liquid in a beaker.

Biochemical Engineering

Male student wearing goggles examines test tube.

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

A student indicates a point of interest on a model of a human skull.


Three biomedical engineering students holding a model of a human leg they designed for the trainingof medical professionals.


Male student wearing hardhat pours water into a vessel.

Chemical Engineering

Female student measures liquid with pipette.


Human Skull

Cognitive Science

Male student writes on white board

Computational Science

Male professor talks to female student.

Computer Science

Human Skull

Data Science

Students play ethnic drums.

East Asian Studies

Economics Professor Kevin Christ meeting with two students in his office explaining an economics concept.


Male student works with wires and circuit board.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Female instructor points to laptop in electrical engineering lab.

Electrical Engineering

Male student uses Post-It notes to organize ideas on a glass pane.

Entrepreneurial Studies

Two male students and one female student look at a soil sample.

Environmental Engineering

Map showing European countries.

European Studies

Lone tree in an African savannah.


Photo of Turkish castle ruins visited by a student group.


Male student works on imaging project pictured on two computer monitors.


Dr. Williams teaching a class.

Language and Literature

Dr. Garcia teaching a class.

Latin American Studies

Two students reading

Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Rickert writing equations on a white board.


Medical Physics and Nanomedicine

Dr. Gardner teaching Spanish class.

Modern Languages -- German, Japanese, Spanish

Female student playing a cello.


Male student wearing goggles works with laser.

Optical Engineering

Graphical representation of labyrinth leading to human skull.


Female student manipulates device in physics laboratory.


Male students participate in mock presidential debate.

Political Science

Graphical representation of human brain, half line drawing, half circuit board.



Religious Studies

 Dr. Fisher and a male student kneel on grass to examine small robot.


Three male students look at computer screen.

Software Engineering

Female student works takes notes on graph paper.

Solid State Physics/ Materials Science



Two HERE students work with recyclables on campus.


Two male students and one female student in costumes perform on stage.


Male student makes adjustments to wheeled vehicle.


Inspiration Through Ideas

Award-winning faculty. Cutting-edge facilities. Academic excellence. Students filled with purpose. It’s a potent formula for creating a global education dedicated to solving the serious challenges of the world today.

Smiling male student holding up finger to indicate the number one.

Why Rose? We're glad you asked.

Learn more about why we think Rose-Hulman just might be the best STEM school in the universe.

Smiling female student.

Women in STEM

Studies highlight Rose-Hulman for providing opportunities for women in high-paying, high-demand STEM professions.

Rose-Hulman Self-Made Man sculpture.

A Smart Investment

Rose-Hulman ranks among the best in the nation in return on investment, according to PayScale.

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