Graduate level course offerings: Engineering Management

EMGT 445 Quality Methods 
EMGT 446 Statistical Methods in Six Sigma 
EMGT 447 Six Sigma in Practice
EMGT 472 Reliability Engineering 
EMGT 511 Graduate Seminar
EMGT 512 Graduate Seminar II 
EMGT 513 Graduate Seminar III 
EMGT 514 Graduate Seminar IV 
EMGT 520 Accounting for Technical Managers 
EMGT 521 Financial Management in a Technical Environment 
EMGT 522 Leadership, Change and Organizational Culture 
EMGT 523 Marketing in New Product Development 
EMGT 524 Production/Operations Management 
EMGT 525 Human Resources Management  
EMGT 526 Innovation Management and Forecasting 
EMGT 527 Project Management 
EMGT 529 Organizational Behavior 
EMGT 531 Economics for Technical Managers 
EMGT 532 Technical Entrepreneurship 
EMGT 533 Intercultural Communication 
EMGT 534 Management Science 
EMGT 535 Globalization, Strategy and Organizational Change
EMGT 536 Leadership and Global Challenges 
EMGT 537 Facilities Management
EMGT 538 Product Realization
EMGT 551 Intellectual Property for Engineers and Scientists
EMGT 552 Business Law for Technical Managers 
EMGT 561 Failures of Engineered Systems 
EMGT 564 Systems Architecture 
EMGT 567 Economic Analysis of Engineering Projects 
EMGT 570 Lean Six Sigma
EMGT 571 Operations Research for Technical Managers 
EMGT 581 Multi-Objective Optimization 
EMGT 584 Systems Thinking and Evaluation 
EMGT585 Statistics for Technical Managers 
EMGT 586 Supply Chain Management 
EMGT 587 Systems Engineering 
EMGT 588 Quality and Engineering 
EMGT 589 Manufacturing Systems 
EMGT 590 Integrated Project 
EMGT 597 Special Management Topics in Engineering Management 
EMGT 598 Special Technical Topics in Engineering Management 

Admissions, Programs, and Courses

Our graduate program offers a variety of courses and programs taught by passionate and experienced professors to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Learn more about our admissions process, and the programs and courses we are proud to offer.

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There are a variety of options for both traditional and non-traditional students at Rose-Hulman. Learn more about how to apply for graduate school.

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Rose-Hulman offers graduate studies in eight different programs. Some programs offer evening classes off campus to make it possible for professionals to continue to work fulltime while earning their graduate degree.

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A number of courses have been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee for credit toward graduate degrees. 

Research Facilities

There are seven research facilities on our campus all operating with the dual mission of providing education, as well as performing research and development. Projects at the facilities reflect faculty and student interests, as well as industry needs. As part of the graduate program at Rose-Hulman, you will likely participate in thesis research in one of our facilities.  
Exterior view of Myers Hall

John T. Myers Center for Technological Research with Industry

This 40,000-square-foot facility is devoted to student and faculty project work. The center provides space and specialized instrumentation for students and faculty to engage in engineering design projects for external clients. There is ample laboratory space for project-based education.

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Rose-Hulman Ventures

Rose-Hulman Ventures is a program that brings together students and technology-based companies. For students, the program provides the best engineering professional practice experience possible. In turn, this provides businesses with prototypes, refinements to the design of existing products and expansion in current engineering capabilities. The facility is on the south campus of Rose-Hulman.

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JRSI Laboratory

In this lab, you will have the opportunity to work side by side with surgeons, faculty and engineers to design, execute and present scientific investigations in an effort to develop engineering solutions to clinical problems. Mechanical testing in the lab is conducted utilizing a state-of-the-art biaxial materials testing machine.

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing is the Director of Graduate Studies, Interim Dean of Lifelong Learning, and Head of the Department of Engineering Management. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics and statistics, manufacturing systems and workforce education and development.
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