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Graduate Admissions

We have two types of graduate students: regular and special. Regular students are pursuing a master’s degree and can receive financial aid from Rose‑Hulman. Special students may enroll in courses, but not as students in a master’s degree program.

Regular and Special Graduate Students

We recognize two general groups of graduate students: regular and special.

Regular Students

Regular students are those pursuing an advanced degree in an approved program. Regular students generally must have a bachelor’s degree in an appropriate field from an accredited institution and not less than a B average. Exceptions are dependent on demonstrated ability. Only regular students are eligible for financial aid from Rose-Hulman. We don’t recommend changing your graduate program, as that requires reapplying to the new program and losing financial aid associated with your original program. Students admitted with an undergraduate GPA below 3.0/4.0 are automatically on probation for the first quarter of graduate work. Admission as a regular student on probation means the student must have at least a B average (GPA = 3.0/4.0) for the first 12 credit hours of graduate study in order to continue a program. Your program department—based on standards established by the Dean of Faculty—must approve your admittance if your academic records cannot be readily compared to our standards. You’ll be admitted on probation under these circumstances. All new graduate students should report to the Office of Research and Graduate Studies in Moench Hall, DL110, upon their arrival to campus.

Special Students

Special students may enroll in courses, but not as students in a master’s degree program. The minimum requirement for admission as a special student is a bachelor's degree in engineering, mathematics, or natural science from an accredited educational institution. If a special student formally applies for admission as a regular graduate student and is admitted, courses taken as a special student may be included in the plan of study for a master's degree subject to the following conditions:

  1. Each course must be from the approved list of graduate courses and must be completed with a grade of B or better.
  2. No more than twelve credit hours earned as a special student can be included in the plan of study.
  3. The plan of study is prepared in consultation with the student's advisor and with the approval of his or her advisory committee.
  4. Special students are not eligible to receive tuition discounts until they have completed the application review process and are officially admitted into the graduate program.

Special students who wish to pursue a master's degree are urged to apply for regular student status before completing twelve credit hours as any additional hours may not be applied to meet graduation requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact the Graduate Studies office at 812-877-8589.

Admissions, Programs of Study, and Courses

Our graduate program offers a variety of courses and programs taught by passionate and experienced professors to help you achieve your academic and professional goals. Learn more about our admissions process, and the programs and courses we are proud to offer.


Rose-Hulman offers graduate studies in eight different programs. Some programs offer evening classes off campus to make it possible for professionals to continue to work fulltime while earning their graduate degree.


A number of courses have been approved by the Graduate Studies Committee for credit toward graduate degrees. 


Learn about application requirements and apply to our graduate studies programs here.

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing

Dr. Craig Downing is the Director of Graduate Studies, Interim Dean of Lifelong Learning, and Head of the Department of Engineering Management. He holds degrees in mechanical engineering, mathematics and statistics, manufacturing systems and workforce education and development.
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