Three male students kneel with solar oven project.

Grand Challenges

Faculty of the Grand Challenges Group use the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges to inspire students to positively impact the world. Activities range from invited speakers to student projects and outreach activities that provide an integrated learning experience.
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Up to the Challenge

Engineers, scientists and mathematicians have always been on the front lines when it comes to solving the world’s toughest problems. Grand Challenges projects will give you a chance to find solutions, too. Our project teams have designed water purification systems for the developing world, used solar power to turn plastic waste into building materials, and more. Take a peek at some of their humanitarian engineering projects below.

Three students demonstrate Grand Challenges-related classroom activities for K-12 teachers.

Grand Challenges Outreach

Our students want the next generation to be as excited about science, engineering and math as they are. That's why they're helping K-12 teachers teach kids about the world's biggest engineering challenges! 

Grand Challenges Group

Beginning in the summer of 2011, a small group of faculty and staff at Rose-Hulman began discussing ways of incorporating the National Academy of Engineering (NAE) Grand Challenges into the curriculum and activities on campus. The group, around a dozen members from most academic departments, conducts activities focused on raising awareness of the Grand Challenges among students, faculty, and staff.

For more information visit the NAE’s Grand Challenges.

Dr. Ashley Bernal

Dr. Ashley Bernal

Contact Dr. Bernal to learn more about Grand Challenges student opportunities.

Dr. Sean Moseley

Dr. Sean Moseley

Contact Dr. Moseley to learn more about the Grand Challenges Group.

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