Image of Rose-Hulman campus.

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs will help you take your career to the next level!

Certificate Programs

Our certificate programs show clients and employers that you have the skills and know-how needed for today’s most in-demand and specialized fields.

Male engineering student wearing safety glasses and a hardhat reviewing construction plans.

Consulting Engineer

If you’d like to work as a consulting engineer, or explore the possibility of operating your own consulting business, this challenging and well-established certification program is for you.

A male student carefully soldering a wire to a circuit board.

Integrated Circuit Testing

The ability to test integrated circuits is a highly sought-after—and hard-to-find—skill today. Our certification in Integrated Circuit Testing will place you in an ideal position to advance your career.

A male student wearing a surgical mask and hairnet looking into a high-powered microscope in Rose-Hulman’s MINDS laboratory.

Semi-Conductor Materials & Devices

By earning this certificate, you’ll be well suited for professional positions requiring a clear understanding of semiconductors and their production.

A female optical communications student wearing safety goggles and conducting an experiment using sophisticated optical communications equipment.

Optical Communications

Earning this certificate will give you a firm theoretical and practical knowledge of fiber optic devices, optical communications, networks, and practical applications.

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