Rose-Hulman/NSWC-Crane Optical Radar Project
Summer 2000 Research Team

WOMBAt* Teams:

  • Two-channel WDM
  • Channel Balancer
  • Phase Stabilization
  • WDM Packaging
  • Fiber Optic Link
  • True-Time Delay
  • Fiber Grating Filter
  • Fiber Bragg Grating
  • Piezoelectric Switch
  • Electromechanical Switch
  • Electro-Optic Polymer Fabrication
  • Beamformer Simulation



    *Wideband Optically Multiplexed Beamformer Architecture

    Top Row: Thomas J. McElmurry, Dr. Michael Moloney, Jeremy Oliver, Pengfei (Paul) Cheng, Michael Nietch, Dr. Bruce Allison, 
    Dr. Galen Duree
    Middle Row: Cleve Koehler, M.J. Kratoska, Steven Hughes, Safoora Sarvestani, Nathan Ellsworth, Dr. Yosi Shiberu, Kyle Jones, Sean Durrant, Yongbin Lin, Dr. Bruce Black
    Bottom Row:  Sywei Doun, (Jack) Shuangjie Zhang, Luke Skelly, Zhen Ji, Laura Slaybaugh, Holly Hudson
    Not Pictured: Dr. Azad Siahmakoun (project PI), Dr. Robert Bunch, Brian Monacelli

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