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Rules & Procedures - Drop & Add

Learn more about the Academic Rules & Procedures at Rose‑Hulman.

Drop & Add

Students other than entering freshmen and entering transfer students normally enroll in classes during the seventh week of the preceding term. See Registration for more information. The following procedures are used to make schedule changes thereafter:

Changes before the term begins: If Department Heads and/or the Registrar’s Office discovers a problem in a student’s registration (e.g., section overfilled, course cancellation), it may be necessary to move a student to another section of a class. Students should check their schedules regularly for changes through the first day of the term. If a student finds it necessary to make a schedule change, they may use their pin prior to the first day of the term. Students are always encouraged to speak with their advisor regarding schedule changes.

Changes in the first week: The first five days of class in a term are designated as Drop/Add week during which time a student may request schedule changes that were not completed prior to the start of term. Students initiate the request using the electronic Drop/Add Form from MyRose-Hulman (under Registrar Forms). Once submitted by the student, forms are routed electronically to the necessary approvers (noted below). Adding a course is only permitted through the fifth day of classes in the term.

  • Change in course or section (add and drop): Approval required by Add Instructor; Notification to Drop Instructor and Advisor.
  • Adding a course: Approval required by Add Instructor; Notification to Advisor.
  • Dropping a course: Notification to Drop Instructor and Advisor.

Changes after the first week:

  1. Up until the end of the eighth week of a term, a student may withdraw from a course by submitting the Course Withdrawal Request form found on My Rose-Hulman (under Registrar Forms). The request will be electronically submitted for approval from the course instructor and the student’s advisor. The student's grade in the course will automatically be recorded as "W" a non-penalty grade. For more information see Grades.
  2. If dropping the course will result in the student being at part-time status, additional approval is required from the Office of Student Affairs. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the Financial Aid Office to learn of any impact part-time status may have on awards. If a student is dropping to part-time for the third time (or more), approval is required from the Admissions and Standings Committee.
  3. A student who wishes to drop a course after the eighth week must have permission from the Admissions and Standings Committee because of special exigency. For more information see Grades.
  4. If the penalty levied by an instructor in a case of academic misconduct is failure in the course, the student forfeits the right to withdraw from the course with a grade of "W".
  5. Changes in a student's schedule necessitated by illness, Military Service, or other exigencies beyond control, may be made without penalty at any time upon approval of the Admissions and Standing Committee.
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