Luanne F. Tilstra

Professor of Chemistry

Dr. Luanne Tilstra is an expert in physical and polymer chemistry.  As part of her research on insulin aggregation, she worked with students to build an instrument that detects the size and shape of insulin clusters.  Dr. Tilstra is a strong advocate of undergraduate research, having supervised students in a variety of projects and accompanied them to regional and national meetings.  Dr. Tilstra established and was the inaugural director of Rose-Hulman’s Center for Diversity; she is currently active in establishing support systems for women faculty and students in STEM.    

Teaching Interests

  • Physical chemistry
  • Physical polymer chemistry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Spectroscopy
  • General chemistry
  • Quantum chemistry

Research Experiences

  • Self-assembly of supramolecular systems
  • Assessing and promoting the continuing participation of women in STEM careers: post-doctoral and beyond

Publications & Presentations

  • Tilstra, L., “Promoting Diversity and Inclusivity at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology,” (Book Chapter), Career Challenges and Opportunities in the Global Chemistry Enterprise, American Chemical Society Symposium Series, 2014
  • Tilstra, L., Broughton, A., French, V., Jelski, D., Tanke, R., Thomas, G., Western, A., and Xhu, G., Nanotechnology: An Introductory Textbook, Nova Scientific, 2008
  • Rezenom, Y. H., Wellman, A. D., Tilstra, L., Medley, C. D., and Gilman, S. D., “Separation and Detection of Individual Submicron Particles by Capillary Electrophoresis with Laser-Light-Scattering Detection,” Analyst, 132, 1215-1222, 2007
  • Tilstra, L., “Using Journal Articles to Teach Writing Skills for Laboratory Reports in General Chemistry,” Journal of Chemical Education, Volume 78, 762-764, 2001

Academic Degrees

  • BA, Central College, 1983
  • PhD, Louisiana State University, 1987