Dr. Mario Simoni’s interests include helping students develop a systems perspective to design and improving student learning in signals and systems courses and other mathematical and theoretical courses. He has worked on a variety of independent research projects with students, including designing an ultrasound-based remote controlled car, creating a centrally controlled power switch for campus monitors and designing a specialized CPU to simulate biochemical processes in neurons.

Teaching Interests

  • Engineering design
  • Signal processing
  • Integrated circuit design
  • Neuroscience and modeling of neural systems
  • Engineering educational methods
  • K-12 outreach

Research Experiences

  • System engineering
  • Developing a specialize computer architecture for numerically evaluating mathematical models of neural systems

Publications & Presentations

  • M. Simoni, B. Kline, E. Andrijcic, S. Kirkpatrick, A. Bernal and R. Rogge. “Workshop: Helping Students Achieve a Systems Perspective of Engineering,” American Society of Engineering Education Conference, New Orleans, 2016
  • Simoni, M., Aburdene, M. F., Fayyaz, F., Labay, V. A., Wierer, J. and Huang, W., “Improving Learning in Continuous-Time Signals and Systems Courses Through Collab-orative Workshops,” American Society of Engineering Education’s Conference, Seattle, 2015
  • Simoni, M., Cook, G. and Beeler, S., "Hands-on Electricity: An Active Learning Opportunity for High School Physics," Proceedings of the 2013 Frontiers in Education Conference, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, 1,343-1,345, 2013
  • Simoni, M., "Using Tablet PCs and Interactive Software in IC Design Courses to Improve Learning," IEEE Transactions on Education, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Vol. 54 (2), 216-221, 2011
  • Simoni, M.F. and DeWeerth, S.P., "Sensory Feedback in a Half-Center Oscillator Model," IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, Vol. 54 (2), 193-204, 2007

Academic Degrees

  • PhD, Georgia Institute of Technology, 2002
  • MS, Georgia Institute of Technology , 1996
  • BS, Park's College of St. Louis University, 1994
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