Dr. Stephanie Poland’s areas of expertise include inorganic chemistry, green chemistry, and polymer synthesis and characterization. Her research focuses on small molecule activation using transition metal catalysis as well as the development of bio-friendly plastics. She is the co-advisor for the RHIT Volleyball Club.

Teaching Interests

  • Inorganic chemistry
  • General chemistry
  • Green chemistry
  • Polymer chemistry

Research Interests

  • Transition metal catalysis
  • Green polymerization techniques
  • Small molecule activation

Publications & Presentations

Poland, S.J.; Downs, T.E.; McLemore, J.B.; Ni, Z.; Fenimore, L.M.; Braaksma, A.N. "From Waste to Reactive Solvent: Bringing CO2 Chemistry to Undergraduates." Invited presentation at UNC Charlotte; 2018.
Poland, S.J., Downs, T.E.; McLemore, J.B.; Ni, Z.; Fenimore, L.M.; Braaksma, A.N. "Catalytic Coupling of Epoxides and Driy Ice Under Mild Conditions: Working toward an Undergraduate Laboratory Experiment." Invited presntation at 2018 Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference; Portland, OR. "A Quest for Polycarbonates Provided via Sustainable Epoxide/CO2 Copolymerization Processes." 
Poland, S.J. and Darensbourg, D. J. “A quest for polycarbonates provided via sustainable epoxide/CO2 copolymerization processes,” Green Chem. 2017, 19, 4990-5011.
Poland, S. J., “Plastics Make it Possible: A Look into Polycarbonate Development,” University of Southern Indiana Department of Chemistry and Indiana/Kentucky American Chemical Society Local Section Fall Meeting, 2015
Schwandt, W. F. and Poland, S. J., “Ring Opening Polymerization of Six Membered Cyclic Carbonates Using Bimetallic Catalysts,” 250th American Chemical Society National Meeting, Boston,2015
Darensbourg, D. J. and Wilson, S. J., “Synthesis of CO2-Derived Poly (Indene Carbonate) from Indene Oxide Utilizing Bifunctional Cobalt(III) Catalysts,” Macromolecules, 46, 5929-5934, 2013
Darensbourg, D. J. and Wilson, S. J., “What’s New with CO2? Recent Advances in its Copolymerization with Oxiranes,” Green Chemistry, 14, 2665-2671, 2012 
Darensbourg, D.M.; Wilson, S.J. Macromolecules, 2013, 46, 5929-5934. "The Synthesis of Poly(indene carbonate) from Indene Oxide and Carbon Dioxide - A Polycarbonate with a Rigid Backbone."
Darensbourg, D.J. and Wilson, S.J. J. Am. Chem Soc. 2011, 133, 18610-18613.

Academic Degrees

  • BS, University of Southern Indiana, 2009
  • PhD, Texas A&M University, 2013
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