Dr. John Gardner teaches Spanish and specializes in Medieval and Golden Age Spanish literature, along with Spanish culture. He co-advises the Engineers Without Borders student organization, which has taken several international trips to help address challenges faced by local populations. On a recent trip to the Dominican Republic, Dr. Gardner photographed and studied the art and artists behind hand-painted advertising in rural towns—an art form that is becoming increasingly rare as digitally produced signs become more prevalent. Check out his personal web page.

Teaching Interests

  • Spanish language
  • Spanish literature
    Spanish culture

Research Experiences

  • Medieval and golden age Spanish literature
  • Spanish culture
  • Galician literature

Select Publications & Presentations

  • Gardner, J. and Breckenridge, J., “Desert E(S)capes: Cinematic Visions in Road Story,” International Journal of Comic Art, Volume 14, Number 2, 34-48, Fall/Winter 2015
  • “A mano/By Hand: A Study of Rural Dominican Sign Painters,” Popular Culture Association National Conference, Seattle, Washington, 2015
  • “Desert (E)scapes: Drawing on Cinematic Visions of the Southwest in Alberto Fuguet and Gonzalo Martinez’s Road Story,” Cine-Lit VIII, Portland, Oregon, February 2015
  • “(Un)illustrated Greguerías: Gómez de la Serna y Chema Madoz,” 67th Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference, Vancouver, Washington, October 2013
  • “Image and (con)text in Linguas Mortas,” 66th Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association Conference, Boulder, Colorado, October 2012
  • Book review, Gonzalo de Berceo: The Poet and his Verses (Author Anthony John Lappin), Hispania, Volume 92, Number 4, 721-722, December 2009
  • “Instant, Unique and Gone: Image and Text in Suso de Toro’s Polaroid,” Rocky Mountain Modern Language Association, Snowbird, Utah, October 2009
  • Book review, Reason and Its Others: Italy, Spain and the New World (Author David R. Castillo and Massimo Lollini), Hispania, Volume 91, Number 1, 190-192, March 2008
  • “Swallowing Mosquitoes, Wine and Supplement with Quevedo,” The Rocky Mountain Review of Language and Literature 60.1, 11-23, 2006
  • “Detour and Disruption of the Pilgrimage to Santiago in Cantiga XXVI of the Cantigas de Santa María,” The Image of the Road: Selected Papers, Conference Society for the Interdisciplinary Study of Social Imagery, Pueblo, Colorado, 127–130, 2005

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Organization Advisor, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2011
  • Member of the Year for Service, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 2011

Academic Degrees

  • BA/BS, University of Nebraska, 1984
  • MA, University of Kansas, 1988
  • PhD, University of Colorado, 2001
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