Now that you're a Rose-Hulman student, there are a few important things you should know

Rule #1: Don't forget your alarm clock

Each room contains the following items for each student: A bed, a desk, a chair, a compact refrigerator, a waste paper basket, a chest of drawers or two drawers of a large chest of drawers, and a closet. Sufficient fluorescent lighting is provided, but many students also bring a desk lamp. Halogen lighting is not permitted. All rooms are carpeted, and wireless is available in each resident hall. Also cable hookups are installed in each residence hall room.

We recommend that you check with your roommate to avoid duplication of items. Televisions, radios and stereos (please bring head phones) are on most student's lists - don't forget an alarm clock! Window air conditioners are not permitted, but fans are recommended. Compact microwaves are permitted, but any cooking utensil with an open heating element is not permitted. Items with closed heating elements with thermostatic control (i.e., coffee pots and popcorn poppers) are also permitted. Many students bring bicycles to campus. Storage space for bicycles within the residence halls is limited. You are welcome to bring your bicycle, but you may wish to get settled in first. Coin-operated washers and dryers are located in each residence hall.

Rule #2: Be kind to your housekeeper and you'll never regret it

We'll take care of the sheets (and your hall housekeeper will change them each week) but you need to bring your own bath towels, wash cloths, pillows and blankets. All mattresses are 36" x 80". Housekeepers also vacuum or dust the floor, and dust the desk and dresser.

You are permitted to construct lofts that lift the bed several feet off the floor and provide open space underneath. Beds must be structurally sound and safe. Please note that if you construct bunk beds, it is generally your responsibility to change your linen. In all cases, it is your responsibility to return the room to its original condition at the completion of the year.

Rule #3: Let common sense prevail - and if you're smart enough to go to school here we feel safe in assuming you do have some common sense

Each student has a great deal of freedom in the residence halls. All students on each floor are responsible for enforcing the rules along with the Resident Assistant. Each Residence Hall floor establishes quiet hours at the beginning of each academic year and students are not required to be in bed at any specific time. There are limited visitation hours for members of the opposite sex. Rose-Hulman treats the student's room as a private residence and we do not go looking for rule violations. Smoking and drugs are not permitted.

A few other commonly asked questions

How will I receive mail?
You will be assigned a campus mailbox upon arrival on campus. All mailboxes are located in Moench Hall. Mail is distributed Monday-Saturday. Mail should be addressed in the following manner: John Doe, CM 0000, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology, 5500 Wabash Avenue, Terre Haute, IN 47803.

Should I purchase renter's insurance?
Rose-Hulman is not liable for anything in your room. We recommend that you check your parents' homeowner's insurance to see whether their coverage will extend to your campus residence. If it does not, we encourage you to purchase a renter's policy.

Is housing provided during periods when the school is not in session?
Housing is available only for those students who find it impossible to go home due to distance. There is a nominal charge of $5.00/night for the housing. You will receive information regarding this just prior to each vacation period.

Are cars permitted on campus?

Yes. Approximately 50% of the freshmen bring a car to campus. Cars must be registered during New Student Orientation. There is no charge for registration.

Is transportation available from Rose-Hulman to Terre Haute?
Generally, students who bring cars are helpful in taking other students with them to the mall, grocery stores, and restaurants. If you have a problem getting a ride, please see your Resident Assistant.