Student Life

Welcome to student life at Rose-Hulman

You'll fondly look back at your RHIT years as some of the best of your life.

Life as a student at Rose-Hulman certainly includes hours of stimulating learning, hands-on experience and intense studying. But here's the thing - there's still plenty of time for building new friendships and having some fun.

Get a glimpse of student life at Rose-Hulman.

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Campus Calendar


Rose-Hulman is a busy, exciting place to be. Sporting events, concerts in Hatfield Hall, community service projects - view our calendar to find out what's going on this month.

Greek Life


We've got an active, vibrant Greek Community at Rose-Hulman. Learn more about our fraternities and sororities.

Sports & Recreation


20 varsity sports. More than two dozen intramural sports. Countless club sports and activities. If you're looking to get physical - we've got the activity for you.