Rose-Hulman traditions


There are a number of traditions which have existed for many years at Rose-Hulman and have helped to develop a strong school spirit. Some traditions have faded with the passage of time but a number of them continue to grow with increasing enthusiasm each year. This is especially true at Homecoming time; and it is important for students to understand that, while the tradition is a great one, the rules and regulations governing student behavior pertain during Homecoming as they do at all other times of the academic year.


The symbol of our school and the Fighting Engineers is Rosie, the elephant. From 1900 until the 1990s, she was a plaster and chicken wire creation that could be wheeled around the track during football games. Now she will be found at athletic events as a costumed student, greeting and creating fun.

Homecoming bonfire

Freshmen, along with help from upperclassmen, are responsible for the building of the Homecoming Bonfire.

Chauncey Day

Celebrate Chauncey Rose’s legacy and the great institution he founded in September 1874! Chauncey Day, a newly created annual tradition, is to remember why Rose-Hulman is a special place and always will be for alumni and students. The inaugural Chauncey Day was started by the Rose-Hulman Alumni Advisory Board and Young Alumni Council in the fall of 2012. Chauncey Day, is celebrated on the second Thursday of every September and is dedicated to showing your Rose-Hulman pride. Get together with your Rose friends, call an old classmate, or simply wear your Rose-Hulman gear on this day.

School ring

The official Rose-Hulman ring may be ordered from the Bookstore as soon as a student is a second quarter junior (the specific time for ordering will be announced by the Bookstore), but the ring cannot be worn until the student is a senior.

School song - Dear Old Rose

The words of the school song are:

Dear Old Rose

The sweetest flower that grows

Here's to your colors rose and white

Here's to the ones who've kept them bright.

Colors true for those who honor you

Here's to everything you've done,

Here's to every fight you've won.

Dear Old Rose.