Campus services

Client Computer Services

Rose-Hulman hardware technicians are vendor-certified to provide warranty repairs on the Institute-selected laptop computers while the student is actively enrolled at the school. This laptop includes a four-year warranty with accidental damage protection (ADP).  ADP provides warranty coverage for damage caused to the laptop from spills or drops that are accidental.  If, for some reason, a student's laptop is lost, stolen or damaged in a manner that is not covered by ADP, the student must file an insurance claim with the Client Computer Services Manager to be eligible for replacement or repair service.

Client Computer Services makes every effort to repair a student's laptop computer within a three-hour period. However, if a repair takes longer than three hours or there are extenuating circumstances requiring the student to need a laptop sooner, a similar laptop may be available for temporary loan to the student. Once the repairs are complete, the student will be notified to return the loaner laptop and pick up their laptop computer.

Rose-Hulman recommends that students perform regular data backups and periodic cleaning to protect both the laptop and their data. The Client Computer Services staff is available to assist students with questions regarding laptop service.

The Service Desk (ext. 8989 or 812-877-8989) is the primary point of contact for all interactions with computer, network, telecommunication and laptop-related questions, including laptop repair services. The Client Computer Services Manager (ext. 8933 or 812-877-8933) is the point of contact for insurance claims, stolen laptop claims and upgrade questions. Business hours for the Service Desk and Client Computer Services are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, except official Institute holidays.


Telephone service

When calling on-campus, you may reach the Rose-Hulman switchboard by dialing zero (0). The hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

If the switchboard is busy or closed, please follow the automated attendant's directions.

Incoming Calls

During open hours, the switchboard can be reached from off-campus by dialing 812-877-1511 and then requesting the desired extension. If you wish to call an extension directly, dial the seven-digit phone number.  *Note: Collect calls cannot be accepted through Residence Hall telephones.

On-Campus Calls

To place a call to another phone on-campus, dial the four-digit extension. *Note: Calls placed to Rose-Hulman Ventures are considered on-campus.

Local Calls

Dial the local number.

Toll-free Calls

Dial 1 + Toll-free number.

Long Distance Calls and International Calls

In order to make a long distance or international call from any campus telephone, you must provide your own calling card or pre-paid calling card. Follow the instructions on your specific card.  Your calling card must have a toll-free access number in order to work. Calling cards cannot be billed to Residence Hall telephone numbers.

Directory Assistance

Directory assistance calls are considered long distance calls, and you will be required to use your own calling card or pre-paid calling card. Your calling card must have a toll-free access number in order to work. These calls cannot be billed to Residence Hall telephone numbers.

Enhanced 911 Services

Rose-Hulman provides enhanced 911 services to all users of the campus telephone system. This service enables the campus telephone system to interact with a public 911 database maintained by EIT.  When a 911 call is placed from any campus telephone, the 10-digit number is sent with the call to the Vigo County 911 Dispatch Center and compared to the location database. This service allows the Vigo County 911 Dispatch Center to pinpoint your location for the responding agency.
Please do not hang up on the 911 operator if you have dialed by mistake; simply explain to the operator there is not an emergency. This will save the Vigo County 911 Dispatch Operators from having to call you back or dispatch an officer.

Voice Activated Attendant

The voice activated attendant may be reached by dialing ext. 6000 on-campus or 812-872-6000 from off-campus. After the voice activated attendant answers clearly state the name of the person or department that you would like to reach and it will transfer you to their extension.

For telephone repairs, voice mail issues or questions contact the EIT Service Desk (ext. 8989 or 812-877-8989)


Career services and employer relations

The Office of Career Services provides a number of services and resources to help prepare students to start their careers after college. Information regarding internship, co-op, part-time and full-time job opportunities is maintained in this office. Services provided include:

  • One-on-One Job Search Assistance (resume, cover letter, interviewing, and networking)
  • Peer Advisors
  • Online job posting system
  • On-campus interviews and information sessions
  • Career and Graduate School Fairs
  • Company Networking Contacts
  • Career Counseling
  • Free Phone and Fax Services
  • Professional Skills Workshops

The office is located on the second level of the Hulman Union.

Graduate school placement

For graduate school placement information, students are directed to their faculty advisor, department chairman, or the Director of Graduate Studies. Contact these staff members in the spring quarter of the junior year to be properly prepared. Dr. Azad Siahmakoun is the Associate Dean of Faculty in charge of Research and Graduate Studies. GRE, GMAT and LSAT information can be obtained from the Career Services Office.  For information about Rose-Hulman's graduate programs contact the appropriate academic department or Jared Goulding, Associate Director for Graduate and International Recruitment.

Identification cards

All students are required to carry the Rose-Hulman identification card. When requested by public safety officers or other college officials, students must present this I.D. card.  The I.D. card must be presented to write a check at the bookstore. If a student loses an I.D. card, he/she should report it to the Office of Student Affairs. Replacement I.D.s will be made at a cost of $10.00 at the Office of Student Affairs in the Hulman Union.

Lost and found

A lost and found service is maintained by the Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, Tau Lambda chapter. If you lose or find any items, please check the website, email or stop by the Lost and Found on the lower level of Percopo Hall.

Religious activities

Many religious organizations sponsor youth groups on the Rose-Hulman campus and in the Terre Haute community. These groups welcome your participation. For further information students should contact the Student Activities Office.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF) is a national college ministry with a student-led chapter at Rose-Hulman. This organization unifies students who are seeking spiritual truth, regardless of their religious background, helping them to grow in love for God and the people surrounding them. Small group Bible studies meet weekly in each residence hall on campus, where students delve in the the bible learning and sharing together to build relationships and grow in faith. The entire chapter meets weekly on Thursdays at 7 p.m. in the Kahn Room for a time of fellowship, teaching, prayer and worship. Service projects, training sessions, and national and regional conferences also contribute to the chapter's dynamic atmosphere where students grow in relationship with Jesus Christ and other Christian students. Visit our website for more information.

St. Joseph's is a Catholic parish located in Terre Haute within the Archdiocese of Indianapolis. Besides providing spiritual support for the many families of the parish, St. Joseph's is also home to a campus ministry which serves the Catholic students of both Indiana State University and Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. St. Joseph's provides Mass in the White Chapel, located on the Rose-Hulman campus, monthly. For more information visit the St. Joseph's website.

United Campus Ministries (UCM) hosts a variety of activities at Rose-Hulman, including seminars, open discussions, and occasional worship services at White Chapel. UCM also hosts activities at its center and on the campuses of Indiana State University, and Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College, all of which are open to Rose-Hulman students. For more information, visit the UCM website.

Campus lakes

Swimming and fishing are permitted in the lakes on campus. However, you should never swim alone or go into deep water unless you are a good swimmer. The larger lake has depths of up to 15 feet and is fed by several cold water springs in the west end of the lake. As a safety precaution, no one is allowed in the lakes after dusk or before daylight. Skating during the winter season is permitted on the large or small lake but only after notification that the lakes are safe. The Office of Environmental Health and Safety will monitor the ice thickness on a daily basis during winter months (December - March); once the ice has reached an acceptable thickness, the campus community will be notified via e-mail that it is safe to participate in ice related winter activities. Tossing a person into the lake ("laking") against the person's will or mass lakings are not permitted. Absolutely no horseplay is permitted in or around the lake areas. Swimming is at your own risk. No lifeguards are on duty.

Firearms and other dangerous instruments

The transfer, use, or possession of explosives, fireworks, firearms, dangerous chemicals, or any lethal weapon on Institute property under any circumstances except as part of an Institute-authorized activity, instructional session, event or duty is prohibited. This includes specifically residence halls and Greek housing units.

Smoking policy

The Institute is dedicated to providing a healthy, comfortable, and productive environment for students, faculty, and staff. The Institute also recognizes the health hazards associated with using smokeless and smoking tobacco products, and the adverse effects of exposure to secondhand smoke by nonsmokers. To provide a healthful campus environment, the Institute prohibits smoking in all common areas, and designated smoke-free buildings and vehicles. Smokers must stay 30 feet from the entrance of all campus buildings.  The goal of the Institute is to move toward a smoke-free campus.