Academic rules & procedures

All faculty and students, both undergraduate and graduate, are urged to read the Academic Rules & Procedures carefully. This section is intended as a handy reference guide for Institute procedures, useful for both advisors and students. It also serves as a description of the student's academic rights and responsibilities and as a guarantee of equitable treatment for all students.


  • Each section clearly enumerates Stipulations or Limitations so you will not overlook important restrictions.
  • Each section describes Procedures as well as rules, so you know not only what can be done but how to do it.
  • Each section contains, when necessary, links that refer you to other sections which apply to the particular rule under discussion.
  • Each section concludes with the name of the official or committee under whose jurisdiction that rule or procedure falls and to whom you may contact with questions or for exceptions.

Rose-Hulman maintains a strong commitment to take the individual needs of its students into account, so that, with proper cause, there is no rule to which exceptions cannot be made. By the same token, these rules have been developed from a careful consideration of the demands of the science and engineering curricula, tested through years of experience, and approved by vote of the entire Faculty. Exceptions, therefore, will not be granted casually.

Every attempt has been made to make these rules clear and concise and to keep the procedures up to date. Any person who finds a rule unfair, unclear, or unneeded is urged to direct suggestions for improvement to the Chairperson of the Rules and Discipline Committee.

Please Note
This current edition of the rules supersedes the all previous editions. In general, all rules take effect immediately when they are approved by the Faculty and in no case later than the publication date of this booklet. A student who entered Rose-Hulman before September 2011 and who finds a change in the rules that will cause unusual hardship should appeal to the committee in charge of that rule to have the earlier version of it applied.