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2011) is wrapping up his fellowship at Apparatus, an information technology consulting and managed service company in Indianapolis. He is part of an operational team, consulting with companies, and helps build portals for clients. He also works on establishing efficiency metrics. 
   “Working in a fast-paced company forces you to make smart decisions faster and know when to drop something if it’s not working,” Oruche says. “I came into the fellowship with no experience in business. My learning skills gained at Rose-Hulman made it a lot easier to pick things up.”
   Another Orr Fellowship success story is Yaw Aning (CE, 2007), who used learning experiences at City Securities Corporation, a full-service investment bank, to found his own enterprise, Pocket Tales, a webbased social reading game that helps inspire a lifelong love for reading. At City Securities,  
Educating students to be innovative and have an entrepreneurial spirit are elements young Rose-Hulman alumni use to reach for success in today’s fast- paced world.
   “Engineering and technology are parts of all new, exciting ventures,” says William Kline, dean of innovation and engagement. “It’s vital for America’s future that entrepreneurs are encouraged to start new ventures.”
   For seven graduates, that push has come working alongside Indiana’s 
most dynamic, high-growth companies through the Governor Bob Orr Indiana Entrepreneurial Fellowships. This unique program offers two-year, paid executivelevel mentorship opportunities and enables the state’s top college graduates to build an impressive professional network.
   Elizabeth (Strohm) Kozman (ME, 2002), part of the first Orr Fellowship group in 2002, earned
valuable experiences at Indianapolis’ Gazelle TechVentures, a venture capital company. 
  “I got to see the entire entrepreneurial process from the beginning— negotiations, making investments, and overseeing a company receiving the investment,” she says. “It was very different from what my classmates were doing after graduation.” 
   Kozman stayed with Gazelle until 2006 when she returned to school to earn her MBA from Harvard Business School. She has returned to Indiana as associate director of strategic and commercial development at BioStorage 
Technologies Inc.
   “The critical-thinking skills gained in my engineering degree have been beneficial throughout my business education and career,” Kozman says.
   Ejimofor (EJ) Oruche (BE,
Aning prepared financial projections, valuation models, and other financial models to give companies a
clearer view of their businesses.
   “The fellowship was invaluable in helping develop my business acumen,” says Aning, adding that the experience was similar to a mini-MBA program. “I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and start my own company. The fellowship gave me a deep understanding of business and what it takes to actually operate a company. It put me in a position to start and build my own company at a faster pace than I had anticipated.”