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Students and faculty have their passports ready to explore global educational experiences with a growing number of institutions.
   Rose-Hulman signed agreements this fall with China’s leading Hubei University of Automotive Technology and Beihang University. Advanced Transportation System Faculty Advisers Zac Chambers and Marc Herniter will teach a modelbased systems design class this summer at Shanghai University. 
   Elsewhere in China, Emeritus Trustee Michael D. Thomas is visiting the country this spring to assist Rose-Hulman in establishing future relationships, including a possible research consortia with universities and students. 
   “Rose-Hulman is getting global attention in China,” says Luchen Li, PhD, associate dean for global programs. “We’re bringing the world to Rose-Hulman and Rose-Hulman to the world.”
   International campus enrollment is at an alltime high, with degree-seeking and exchange students from more than 20 countries. More Rose-Hulman students studied abroad in more countries in 2012. Also, new courses in international team management and global leadership are being offered to students.
   “Rose-Hulman is making every effort to integrate global learning and international experiences into the curriculum and student learning,” Li says. 
Successful high-tech business investor and Harvard Business School professor Felda Hardymon, PhD, encouraged students to pave the way for America’s technological and business horizons through entrepreneurship, innovation, and “the execution of neat ideas.” 
storage sectors. Past investments include office-supply company Staples, sporting-goods chain Sports Authority, and African telecommunications provider Celtel (now called Zain).
   Since 1998, Hardymon also has taught and done research at Harvard Business 
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School and has been a visiting professor of finance at the London School of Economics. He has also been director of systems and research at Duke University, where he earned master’s and doctoral degrees. 
   Back on the Rose-Hulman campus, Hardymon told students that this is the best time to start a company, especially in the information technology architecture sector. Reasons given were: There’s an abundance of available workers; there are lower startup costs; an ever-shrinking world allows 
   The 1969 mathematics alumnus spent a day on campus early this winter and will return in late May to present the commencement speech for the 2013 graduating class.
   Hardymon, a partner in Bessemer Venture Partners, focuses on investments in the software, communications, and 
for quick data transfer, and markets are thriving for good ideas.
   “Investors back people who are not wanting to make money. We back people who want to do something,” Hardymon says. “The idea is always cheap. The execution is really hard. Investors fuel execution, not ideas.” 
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