Imagine the impact possible if every successful Rose-Hulman graduate reached back to campus for one day to create inspirational learning opportunities for future students. Imagine the legacy that could be left by partnering aspiring engineers and experienced industry veteran alumni with seasoned executives whose successful careers were paved in Terre Haute. Imagine enhancing health, saving lives and changing the world.

It's not an impossible dream. That's

what happened when a medical-device startup company taps the brainpower of engineering talent at Rose-Hulman Ventures to aid in the innovative development of a powerful new way to do brain surgery.

Indianapolis-based NICO Corp. focuses on developing new technology for minimally invasive neurosurgery. It has long ties to Rose-Hulman Ventures, an engineering consultancy that provides invaluable expertise to companies

while offering incredible real-world opportunities for students.

NICO's newest product, BrainPath, recently gained U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval to be marketed in the United States, where more than 230,000 brain tumors are diagnosed each year. The device was taken from prototype to finished product in Rose-Hulman Ventures' labs-the handiwork of a team of students led by Engineering Manager Brian Dougherty (EE, 1993). He calls