on this planet, and your education is the most valuable resource anybody can have."
  Kamen continued, "Rather than seeing your education as a privilege that will help you get whatever you desire, I hope you will carry this education as a responsibility. The four billion people who need clean water, and haven't received this education, do not have the tools, the resources or the potential to fix their own problems, let alone the problems of the world. So, who will fix the world? It is going to be you. Or, it isn't going to get fixed."
  Earlier in the month, during his videoconference, Kamen discussed a variety of issues-world trade, robotics, and his own innovative process. He explained how medical/biomedical engineering is ripe for innovation to meet future challenges.
  "It has never been a better time for what we know and what we need (in healthcare)," he passionately told the students. "Applying engineering to healthcare is a great value. The real challenge … is not only to find ways to keep supplying new miracles but to make better solutions that are also cheaper."
  Kamen has a lot in common with the young people spread across the audiences that he addressed during the two events. As


a college undergraduate, he invented the first wearable infusion pump, which rapidly gained acceptance in such diverse medical specialties as chemotherapy, neonatology, and endocrinology. In 1976, he founded AutoSyringe Inc., a medical device company, to manufacture and market the pumps. By age 30, the company was acquired by Baxter Healthcare Corporation and had added a number of other infusion devices, including the first wearable insulin pump for diabetics.
  Today, Kamen is named on more than 440 U.S. patents covering medical devices, hybrid cars, robotic prostheses, and water filtration. He gained international recognition as the inventor of the Segwaytm, the unique, selfbalancing, two-wheeled personal mobility device popular with police and security patrols. His company, DEKA Research & Development Corporation, provides one of the world's best research and development teams to produce original solutions for the world's problems. DEKA has allowed Kamen to devote his life to doing "exciting stuff."
  And, he's hoping Rose-Hulman students-past, present, and future- will join in his journey of discovery and inspiration.