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Richard Stamper's students can hardly wait for him to mess up while teaching class. "I tell them if I make three mistakes at the board while doing example 

      Stamper's contributions are valuable outside the classroom as well, says Josh Karnes (ME, 2003; MSME, 2005), manager of research and development at Arthrex Inc. Stamper served as his master's thesis advisor and Karnes worked at the professor's company, Stamper Medical Technologies. Clearly, Stamper "was an extremely influential person in my life at that time, and arguably was a foundation for my entire career," he says.
problems, and they catch me, class is over," he says.
    That actually doesn't happen very often, but that rarity is not the biggest source of pride for Stamper, who is also Interim Associate Dean of Professional Experiences. He's most pleased at how closely 
While Stamper teaches the subject matter of mechanical engineering, he's also determined to help students remember  Stamper4
students follow what he's doing in class as they hope to catch him making mistakes, and how it encourages them to participate. "A student who normally wouldn't engage will raise a hand and say, 'Ha!' It helps draw them out."
   Beyond that, Stamper strives to present interesting examples that bring concepts to life for students, according to Matt Kuester (ME, 2000; MSBE, 2002). "Dr. Stamper understands how to make subject material relevant to the real world," says the senior product manager at Tornier Inc. "He is passionate about his students' successes and has an infectious personality that captivates them in the classroom."
the real reason behind what they're learning-to develop new designs and articles that are helpful to the world. Engineering, according to Stamper, is all about creativity and serving the needs of society.
   Stamper's students are inspired by that love for the field of engineering, for teaching, and for helping students succeed. "Dr. Stamper has a genuine personality and visible excitement for teaching that creates a unique and collaborative relationship with his students," says Kuester. Page Square